• The advantage of being landlocked is that it is harder for an enemy to attack you. They must either invade or make arrangements with the surrounding countries in order to cross those countries to invade the landlocked country. The disadvantage is that a landlocked country has no sea port, and must use overland / overair travel to import and export goods, which means it's easier to enact an embargo against a landlocked country than one with a sea port, and the costs of goods are generally higher due to tariffs, taxes, and transportation expenses.
  • if you are talking about buying property or living on property being land-locked the disadvantages are that you will need a deeded right to the road that leads to your property as it will go across someone elses property. The other disadvantage could be water or electrical rights. The advantage to living on property next to land-locked is when it comes up for sale, you usually get it offered to you first as the person who buys it will need to get permission to get to it through your property. Sometimes you can expand you property and make a good deal for yourself by buying land-locked property next to you.

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