• I don't drink as much as I should but I don't think you should drink as much as they say unless you have a medical reason.
  • I know for myself if I don't drink at least 32 oz a day my skin looks dry and the small wrinkles seem to be more prominent.I know I can't drink more than that elswise I would be peeing ALL the time!
  • I'm not sure Miss! I've never really thought about it being oversold. I really should drink more water than I do. I do drink lots of Tea though. I don't feel dehydrated and my pee is always clear. But like water drinking lots of tea makes one want to go to the loo a lot.
  • I personally don't think you can drink too much water. It keeps the body hydrated and constantly flushes your system. I know from personal experience it keeps away hangovers and headaches.   Since 2/3 of our bodies are water, I don't see how benefits could be overstated, although I understand how difficult it is to drink as much as people think is recommended. I've recently heard, though, that it does NOT have to be pure water. Coffee, soda, juice, milk, etc. all count as 'water'. Also, there is no set number of glasses required per day. It varies from person to person and depends on a number of factors. This article is very informative about this subject.
  • No, I do not think so. The benefits of drinking lots of water cannot be overemphasized and oversold. I have been advised to drink about 5 liters of water daily, but I have only achieved 60% of it.

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