• Cats are like that. Put down small portions and stagger them for about 15 minutes.
  • My cat ate alot! Like if he got the whole bag of catfood (which he use to do) he'll love it. However, he never threw up. I think he was just a pretty greedy cat.
  • I found it can depend on the upbringing. Many of the strays we took care of would wolf down whatever was placed in front of them, and be sick or get fat as a consequence. It probably comes from a survival mentality. As yet, I've found no way to let them self govern, so the only solution was to reduce the frequency and size of the portions. My neighbour decided to use more of a lower quality food (more filler, less nutrients) but I disagree. Just giving both sides of the fence.
  • Some cats will do that. They are the ones who need to be feed on a schedule not free fed. Find out how much your cat should should have per day. Divide it into 2 or 3 meals and feed on schedule. If it still vomits have the vet check it out. If the cat is losing weight then by all means see a vet there is something called "Megaesophagus" that should be ruled out.
  • just dont put so much food out so she dont get a chance to eat so much of it

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