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  • giving oral'to sweet babes'an i have made very good use of it ! oh an i'm a auto mechanic also'
  • I am very good with little kids. I can get down on their level and play and be their friend but still discipline in an appropriate manner when required. I never met a 3 year old who wasn't my friend after a couple of minutes. My dad says what i have is a talent and that its being wasted. He says i should be working in the child care industry and gets very angry that i'm not.
  • i've been told i should write comedy.. I dont make good use of them
  • My favorite professor told me that going to law school was a waste of my talents. I think he meant it at a compliment... He was my math prof, we had some fun with some complex-surface problems.
  • I'm articulate and can put a sentence together, also persuasive. The bottom line is that I'm a survivor. As we all are or can be.
  • Well, i've been told I am easy to talk to and kind. I have many other talents, but I think that is the hardest one to make sure I am doing everyday. A nun told me that and believes that we can all be a saint, but just have to perfect our "special" something. I've always liked that and believed that.
  • Drawing, dancing, quilting...and the rest is on AB4Adults. ;)
  • Artistic ability.Yes,I think they say that I do.

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