• no there aren't. i LOVE to travelling to any other country!
  • No. I would love to see all countries of the world. But since some countries have security issues, I would not take my mom with me when I visit them.
  • I don't think so. I think I'd visit every country at least once if I could.
  • I can't think of any. I've never been out of the USA so any country would be a wonderful change of pace!
  • I think I'd be afraid to travel anywhere in the Middle East based on what's going on there now. Other than that, there are some places I really have no desire to travel to, although I don't have any specific reasons for feeling that way. Just lack of interest I suppose.
  • Well, if I were to travel alone, I think I would go anywhere. But if the people I love were to come along I think I would choose the destination according to the safety it provides. For example, I wouldn't travel to Irak while it is in war.
  • i would love to experience every country and its cultures but there are practical reasons why i wouldn't travel to some countries at this given time. for instance, Iraq and Tibet because i morally object to the lack of human rights enforced by china.
  • I have no desire to travel (for leisure) to any country where civil unrest and strife is present or where epidemic disease is present, but other than that, I'd go anywhere, anytime, anyplace, any how.
  • I would not go to Haiti because of the unrest. I had traveled by cruise ship back in the 80's and it was beautiful, especially around the rain forest. I would most likely not go to some areas of Africa, or Iraq either.
  • I dont think ive any desire to travel to the middle east or India.. no specific reason, I love indian food but dont fancy travelling there.. and theres too much unrest in the middle east, i think i would be wary of going there.
  • Anywhere in the Middle East or Indonesia.
  • I've travelled to the US before and loved it, and I like the Americans I meet when I travel elsewhere. However I won't fly in to the US, or transit the US, because I strongly oppose the strong-arm, illiberal and one-sided approach the US security services take to people crossing its borders nowadays.
  • I'm a real homebody, not a traveler. However, there are a few countries or places I am very much drawn to..where I would like to travel would be Honolulu (my son lives's my favorite place) Greece(specifically to see the Acropolis) Mallorca France(Paris, of course) Spain (It is near Mallora, so why not visit?) Scotland(Brigadoon calls to me) Australia(I would love to see the Opera House) Great Britain(Audrey Hepburn/My Fair Lady lives there) I'm sure there are other fabulous places I'd enjoy, once's just that I am such a lousy traveler! :( Where I would not like to go is anywhere that I might be in grave jeopardy! :(
  • you mean like iraq, iran, afghanistan, saudi arabia, need i go on?
  • Nope. I want to see them all! :)
  • LOTS honey I like my feet planted on the ground!! If I cant drive I'm not going!!
  • That cesspool israel!
  • No, but I would not like to take too many risks.
  • I wouldn't want to go to Iraq right about now.

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