• I don't care about either one.
  • That's how I'll do it. Thanks. Really though. Someone was bound to do it someday. Very unsettling to think She did it though.
  • No. Elvis will still probably be remembered a hundred years from now. Mariah Carey won't even be mentioned anymore.
  • Mariah who?
  • I put little faith in the pop charts. I don't even know if there is such a thing as a top 40 now. I own over 1,000 albums/CDs/casettes. Very few, besides the Beatles, contain any top 5 hits. Mariah couldn't fill Elvis's blue suede shoes.
  • lol! Funny question! Elvis was much better than Mariah Carey. She seems like an OK person, but I can't name you one of her songs. I'm a rockabilly fan so I like Elvis' stuff best afore he went into the Army. I even like his so-so and silly movies (he did make 2 or 3 good ones "Follow that Dream" was probably his best.)
  • its sad, but no i wouldn't want to do that.
  • Yes! Yes! I thought it was just me, who didn't get the whole Mariah Carey thing! It's the first time I spoken out loud about it, truth to tell. So thank you heaps for the opportunity to unburden and know there *are* others out there, likeminded :)
  • No, I cease to care about the pop charts. Although I did read about it in the paper. Unfortunately, music isn't about revolution anymore.
  • Yes. But most "music" these days makes me want to do that.
  • Mariah Carey gets on my nerves. I think she acts very whorish. I have no idea what she sings for the most part. But, she has a hell of a lot more money than I do, so I guess there's not too much I can really say! lol I'm not really a big Elvis fan either....
  • Early Elvis was cool and he did hit a few songs I like. I do like his Viva Las Vegas better than Z.Z. Tops version, it had a really cool funky/rock-a-billy groove. Can't say that about Carey. I would put Celine Deion and Barbara Streisand on my list of most annoying voices, like nails on a chalk board. The only electric guitar that has a pointy end is a Gibson Flying V or guitar with a similar headstock.
  • No, I don't really care, but Mariah Carey is fine.
  • I think we should find some sort of loop hole..... Did she write any of those number ones? she shouldn't be allowed near the Beatles on that list.
  • No I like her and think she has amazing vocal ability, someone had to break the record one day and she has worked hard to get where she is.:-)+
  • Not at all. I think it's wonderful to see people achieve goals and the success they strive for.

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