• Well, since you asked "do you think" I feel obliged to give my opinion. There was a time when my 22 year old sister loved astrology she would study and practice it all the time...about 6 months after she started doing astrology I realised that it was full of crap. Astrology is fun to do but has no factual my opinion it is just crap...
  • That's pretty much what I think about astrology in general.
  • Silly myth- definetly!
  • It's not a silly myth for me -- it depends on the "interpretation" of a reader -- some readers use "divination" (see other answer), other's use intuition. Here's a more specific link discussing the history: I've been using astrology for timing events since I was a teenager, and was able to retire for the first time in my early 40's just by timing things (that's how I interpret my "luck"). I would never consider living my life in a different way. The first thing I do each morning is check where the moon is, and plan my day accordingly. My take on this is that if the moon can make the oceans bulge, it can affect me too. If it's void of course, I try to keep a light schedule, one without time limits. If mercury is retrograde, I avoid decisions, until it goes direct again in a few weeks. These are the simplest kind of timing insights -- there can be 4 or 5 "events" in a day to consider. There are no strict rules, you have to use intuition. Mercury may be retrograde, but if that great job offer you were waiting for arrives, of course you act -- just carefully. The myth of astrology is that people think it predicts the future. No astrolger I've ever met predicts the future... and I've met very many. They interpret what they see, it's up to the individual to apply it to their personal life. Not really that different from being in therapy and interpretting Rorschach inkblot charts. The point is to get away from your own ego, and try to figure out the optimal time to act. Common sense on steroids, I guess. I'm in a very happy relationship with my partner. The relationship was completely planned by astrologically motivated insights into what kind of astrological profile would "balance/compliment" my personality traits. This is still a common thing in India, for parents to get readings like this for their children before they get married. The good astrologers are often "underground" because of common attitudes that trivialize years of study, and centuries upon centuries of practial insights to astrological events. As a social phenomenon, astrology is older than religion. And maybe that's why organized religions take such a strong stand against it -- they mostly consider it a form of paganism, some kind of godless evil thing. But many astrolgers are also deeply spiritual. It might be a silly myth for some, but for me its natural. As opposed as my parents were to astrology, for many of the reasons you see cited here -- they never discouraged my studying it -- but I studied all the religions when I was young. Astrology was just one of many -- but to this day, I believe it makes my life easier.
  • It's scientific fact that the moon and it's gravitational pull has a huge influence on the earth and us humans. Could it be possible that our surrounding planets and their satellites also have some sort of influence?
  • Personally I think it is a silly myth. As Bob said, it has no basis in science and is purely a superstition. Thinking about it logically, how can someone's birthday affect their personality? I think personality is determined by a combination of nature and nurture. These lists of star sign 'characteristics' are so long that you are bound to see some that are true. Also, everyone likes to think of themselves as funny, kind and loving, so they see these on the list and say 'wow, that's me! how freaky'. The day to day predictions are so vague that it could apply to anyone. They may as well say 'you will breath air today'. Every so often, the astrologer will throw in something random, like 'you will find love at a poker game' or something. Where they get that from, I don't know. I'm pretty sure the planets don't say anything about poker. There have been a few experiments over the years, one of my favourites has been Dave Gorman's Important Astrological Experiment- While it was very funny, I don't think it proves anything. If you follow your horoscope advice for long enough something good is bound to happen, but this is due to the laws of averages, not by an ancient interpretation of the positioning of the planets.
  • I would have to agree with parsley.bioflavonoid, however, the other answers don't surprise me either.
  • It is also a scientific fact that the pull of the midwife is greater than the pull of any planet. Rather than asking where the planets were at birth, you should be asking about the people and furniture in the room in which the birth took place.
  • I think its generally a myth too.. but i will admit, its fun to look up sometimes just to see what some random person says about who i am and who THEY think im compatible with. a good general rule is to not rely on astrology TOO much
  • I don't know if it works, but I heard car insurance companies might be underwriting policies based on what astrological sign someone is. The statistics show a pattern of risk.
  • NO, I do not think astrology is a 'silly' myth. I think it is a dumb-ass myth. I think it was created by some one who had ALOT of time on their hands and and NO life OR other beliefs popular by his/her fellow man. People DO NOT need the "Ways of Astrology" to tell THEM who THEY are, yet people just choose to believe it (and as a religion, also) as to actually HAVE something to believe sad.
  • NO, I do not think astrology is a 'silly' myth. I think it is a dumb-ass myth. I think it was created by some one who had ALOT of time on their hands and and NO life OR other beliefs popular by his/her fellow man. People DO NOT need the "Ways of Astrology" to tell THEM who THEY are, yet people just choose to believe it (and as a religion, also) as to actually HAVE something to believe sad.
  • No, it's just a whole bunch of crap! a waste of time. It has never worked for me.
  • Is it that hard to believe that the year-long cycle of the seasons (which parallels the motion of the stars) might have an influence on someone's life? That being said, I've never found any useful application of astrology. I do believe that the answers that most people seek are usually within themselves. And if that's the case, they will see the answers reflected in whatever they experience. Give a person a random atrology prediction and they will extract from it whatever they need to see. The same applies, for instance, with the I Ching. It's not the actual fortune that matters. It's what you read into it that is worthy of note.
  • Peter Lemans says it best in his book. Try this chapter: It shows that science and astrology have a lot more in common than many people believe. They are both theories, with which patterns in nature are being described. I find it interesting that most discussions on the subject end in verbal battles, in which all nuances are lost.
    • ReiSan
      Astrology is not a scientific theory. It is just pseudo-science with no validity.
  • I think that in general it is a myth. Astrology works only partially and everything else is exaggerated through the time. For example, today we can't ignore the gravity of the moon, or some other magnetic forces that can be related with the planets, but that's all, we can predict whether will someone have good day or not. However, in the past astrology was a pure logical prediction. For example, if you were born in the winter, astrologist would predict that you will be less healthy than if you were born in spring. Why? Because in the past there was no refrigerators or permanent food. It was only what you have in your house, field or what you trade for the food on the market. So in winter the food was poor with the calories, and in spring and summer it was rich. In those first days of child's life that was most important, so it was logical to predict that if child is born in spring, it would probably be healthier. Till today, astrology has made it's way in completely different direction, so it has become a myth.
  • It's based on the arbitrary pasterns of very, very distant object as seen from here. On top of that, there are several conflicting astrological systems - most of which are all good at predicting certain astronomical events. And finally, none of them have been able to show any correlation between their predictions and actual events in people's lives - unless worded in such a way that they appear accurate but really aren't - and old fortune teller trick. See: So in the end, I won't say it's 100% myth. I think it probably is, but I'll leave the door open just enough for any good evidence to open it wider. +5
  • Virtually every newspaper prints a daily astrology column. If it wasn't true, don't you think they'd stop when they got enough angry letters to the editor complaining about what nonsense it is? Wouldn't the government eventually step in and pressure them to quit publishing astrology columns if it didn't work? No, my friends, astrology is true. What makes most people who doubt it do so is that they've oversimplified it and consequently misapplied it. When they get the wrong answer, they blame the discipline rather than the inept practitioner.
  • It is a silly myth..
  • No, it is just a pseudo-science. The positions of planets have no effect upon people. Horoscopes in newspapers and magazines are so general that they can apply to anyone. Some people have told me that they rea the wrong horoscope accidentally, and it was as accurate as their real one. so they all can apply to anyone. There are different schools of astrology that disagree on certain points.
  • It is a hoary pseudo-science and a scam. The horoscopes in newspapers and magazines are so general that they can fit anyone. Pro astrologers give you several pages of predictions. Believers look only at the ones that seem rather correct and ignore many more that are not. There are different ideas about astrology, e.g. some use Sun signs to judge compatibility, but others say Sun signs are not used in it. Aspects of some key planets are used, rather than Sun signs.
  • It's a silly myth of these choices.
  • It's more a silly myth. It's silly and doesn't really work.
  • no it only works when the devil tells fortunes
  • The stars are an open bible, but I don’t think people today know how to actually read them.
  • some times it works
  • Astrology is a false science created by pagans. It is one of the many methods that satan uses to mislead us and distract us from seeking the truth (2 Cor 4:4).
  • Depends what you mean by "works" as astrology is about reading the stars... Many of which are billions of years old. What they would know (if even possible) about life millions of light years away is anyone's guess. You might as well try and read tea leaves instead.
  • There have been several times it has been uncannily accurate.😌 Other than that it is complete bunk.😌
    • Army Veteran
      I can't believe I agree with you on something. I must not be awake...I'm dreaming. Yeah, that's it - I'm having a nightmare...
  • Astrology was debunked with finality once the telescope came into widespread use. Why? Because astrology is largely (almost entirely) based on the APPARENT distance between visible celestial objects. What we discovered with the telescope is that the ACTUAL distance between celestial objects has NO relevance to the apparent distance between them. FOR EXAMPLE: sometimes when "Mars is in conjunction with the Moon", Mars is MUCH MUCH MUCH farther from the Moon than it is at certain other times.That "conjunction" is MERELY APPARENT and NOT REALITY. And so, the ENTIRE BASIS of astrology falls apart simply because we now know that the APPARENT distance between celestial objects is NO indication of the ACTUAL distance between celestial objects.
  • You have to be talking to someone who knows what they are doing. I personally use mostly the Dwads, Decans and Degrees and I think they are more fitting than the regular Sun Signs.
  • It's true about the descriptions of people's personality traits. I don't know about predicting the future though, I never use it for that.
  • a myth

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