• I can ignore it.
  • it is annoying, but untill theyrealize that only they can change it, our saying so isnt going to help matters... :) good question. ++++
  • Damn right. ..But you get used to it.
  • I've never met anyone who blamed anyone but themselves. For those who do blame others...they really know who is to blame, there just in denial.
  • No. But I am kind of sick of people who judge others when they have absolutely no idea what their lives are like.
  • I am overweight and I know many people that are over a little to very overweight and I don't know any of them that blame the food for how they are. Yes, some foods make it worse but none of them, or I blame others or the food. The only ones I ever hear say that are the media and government who want to change labels and make laws, and the people who for some reason or other dislike overweight people. Maybe if you talked to these people, got to know them, and didn't just read/hear about them you would have a more accurate picture of the world.
  •'s getting really old. It seems it's everyone's goal to sit on their asses and not do a damn thing for themselves (and I'm talking EVERYONE not just "fat" people) and then bitch and moan about "poor, unhappy, miserable them" while finding anyone and everything to blame but themselves!
  • For your information, overweight people are almost always overweight because of genetics, not because of over eating. Thin people are almost always thin because of genetics not because they eat less. Your question is mean and uninformed.
  • yes genetics plays a part in them being overweight...BUT! They don't complain about their genetics! They complain about these fast food joints. WELL, i eat at fast food joints alot (i know i feel bad about it) and I am still only 110 pounds and can run all day. ITs really not that hard to burn off. BUT, if you are already overweight, then yes, it is hard to burn off.
  • No, and I agree----no one held them down and shoved the "extra calories" in their mouths to begin with. lol.
  • I'm overweight but I don't blame others. Mine started out with having endometriosis, then taking vicodin to try and ease the pain, well if you take vicodin w/out food you get very sick quickly so to stop getting violently ill all the time, i would eat something b4 taking the pain meds and this went on for almost 2yrs b4 i had a hysterectomy done. Now i'm working out every day, i try and watch what i eat and the portions i eat. i don't blame anyone but myself, but i'm working on losing the weight, its just taking alot slower then i thought it would. i don't like how i look but i'm trying to get into a better lifestyle for myself and my son (who is NOT overweight but i don't want to set a bad example for him)...

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