• I AGREEE Smetimes it feels like im the only one laid back While everyone else seems to run around like a chicken with its head cut off. Im with you on that one. people need to relax. :)
  • Yes, the whole world has a stick up its ass! They would be able to "sit back, relax, and have a little fun" if they would just sit back, relax, and smoke a little gonja. Not sure about letting other people have fun. When someone has a stick up their ass, and sees someone having a good time, they generally try to screw it up for them. For a solution to this, see my paragraph before this one!
  • You Bet, I like to sit back and watch people enjoy themselves. It is fun and I catch myself laughing with them or at least smiling.Way Cool;)
  • Man that is what weekends are for!The rest of the time we spend paying bills and working the grind to get the money to party with! I love to relax and do nothing but in order to do it I need to work my ass off! I know I am going to get comments saying ah man just relax!ect I try man,I try!
  • I'm not sure. But my follow up question would be: Where's the flexibility?
  • I'd like to vote this QUESTION OF THE YEAR! I don't have the answer but I agree totally with you! Instead of worrying about who is talking to who and wanting to know what he said she said, Just relax and have some fun! Geeeeeeeeez
  • Yes, the whole world has a big stick up it's ass... Well, a lot of the world anyway. I feel kind of sorry for them...
  • Sure seems that way tonight Kitt. Very tense atmosphere around.
  • I just checked. No stick here. I'm good =P That's why i'm singing !! ( singing heavy metal, but still =P )
  • That would be one hell of a stick. Ouch. I am afraid to ask why you asked this question. Some people just enjoy watching everyone run for their umbrellas as their fun parade gets rained on. I have no idea why, but that's the way some people are.

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