• The running gag around Hollywood was about a producer who wanted to use one of the actors from "The Blair Witch Project" for a future project. His remourse was the guy died. His fellow competive producers told him, "The guy died". He did not get it.
  • This is not an answer - Please be kind and don't rate me down . . . If you ever see this lame-ass movie showing on TV, watch it with Closed Captioning turned on. This will convince you to take care of your hearing, cause anyone deaf who watched it, having to rely on this service, would have never gotten it's premise . . . Well, not that it really had one, but you know what I mean!
  • The three actors all played characters with the same names, albiet the characters were all students at some lameass Maryland college. Heather Donohue became an actress in a few movies. The Producer/Directors, a group then called Haxxon, sold out. They were supposed to produce other projects.
  • Joshua Leonard (the first guy that gets killed in the movie) went on to be a director. I was in one of his music videos.
  • It's up to you to decide what you thought happend, but if you don't believe it was a hoax (like me) read this:
  • They were all turned into frogs

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