• Depends on the state. Mass just used your Social Securty #. NJ has a very complicated number involving your year of birth, letter of your last name and wether your male or female. I am a manager of a bar and I get updates on all license colors, formats and how to read them to detect "fakes".
  • Each states has their own numerical system, when issuing drivers license. no two states are alike. the same applies tp auto license plates. each state is different in some way. Its for security.
  • Well if you live in Maryland, Michigan, or Minnesota, these states use the Soundex system to figure license numbers. Anything else I'm not sure of, but I'm sure you could google it, otherwise, check this site out. I calculated my Michigan license number, and it was 100% accurate!
  • I don't think there is an equation for a CA driver's license.

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