• My wife felt that way and her doctor was never concerned. We just had a perfect little boy! Being pregnant takes a lot out of you.
  • It is called "nesting". It is a natural thing to want to rest and prepare. All females in nature do it. It shows you are growing up. Get people to come to you- you are royalty when you are pregnant. :-)
  • It's that 'nesting thing' yo... It's all good.
  • It could be both... if you're feeling really low and miserable it could be you're a bit depressed, and honestly that's no real surprise. When you're pregnant your hormones are raging, you're probably feeling sick, or fat, or tired, or all three! On top of all that you might be feeling slightly (or totally!) inadequate... Apart from the fact I was too ill to move for the duration of my pregnancy, I also felt terrible because I wasn't happy. I knew all these mothers who tell you pregnancy is the best time of their lives, and how they'd do it a zillion times over. So on top of feeling sick and tired, I felt like a terrible mother and failure of a woman because I wasn't enjoying being sick and tired. I had all these ideas about how I should be bonding with the baby, and when that didn't happen immediately I felt like even more of a failure. I wasn't glowing, I was just miserable. I couldn't wait for it to be over, in fact. It WAS depressing, it'd depress even the most resilient of people. So, pregnancy leaves a lot of room for depression, and that's totally normal. If you want to stay in and cry... go ahead and do it! Your body and life in general are going through major upheaval, it's ok to be miserable and depressed.
  • It will pass. Congrats on the baby!
  • it might be a little of both

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