• Yes I have. In Cambridge all students use bikes and they are frequently stolen
  • Yes I did and it wasn't fun. I was living in Tokyo and locked it up with a kryptonite chain lock near the metro station, next day it was gone. Not much you can do really. It especially sucked because I invested a lot of time and money into upgrading it; full Shimano XTR drivetrain, XTR brakes, Fox Vanilla 125mm front shocks, clipless pedals etc. Hope this doesnt happen to you.
  • Yes, there used to be a bicycle thief in our neighborhood, and bikes disappeared two or three times a year. We had two stolen one summer. We knew who was doing it, but there was no proof or witness. When he was finally arrested for robbing a liquor store, the bikes stopped disappearing.
  • Yes, my own fault. Left it out in my driveway when I was going out for the night, came back to find it missing.
  • Yes, when I was a kid.. My friend's brother stole it. He even helped me look for it when it happened. I will never forget that because the twerp helped look for it all concerned haha.
  • No, but when I was a kid somebody stole my handlebars while I was fishing. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to push a bike without handlebars.
  • More times than I can count. We don't buy expensive bikes anymore because of that.
  • I've had 17 bikes stolen from me. 8 in San Francisco, 4 in Mountain View, one each in Redwood City, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, and San Jose. Four in San Francisco were locked, and stolen anyway.
  • Yes, and i had it locked too.
  • Yes, twice. First time was 'my own fault', I had put it on a spot where I knew it wasn't a very clever place to park my bicycle and I let it there for a week. Needless to say it was gone after that. Second time was my boyfriends fault. He forgot to lock it. :) Of course it's always wrong if someone steels your bike. But it's wise to be carefull and not to make the temptation too big. :)
  • My first real bike was what was then a new design called the 'sting ray'. I rode it to the skate rink before I got a decent lock for it. When I came back out, all that was left was the chain. I asked around at a nearby gas station to see if anyone had seen anything and all they could bother doing was to make fun of me, pretending I was looking for a stolen Corvette. Jerks!

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