• Drinking makes people less inhibited. So, if a person is holding back feelings of jealousy and possessiveness and they drink, those feelings will likely surface. The same holds true for other emotions as well.
  • Its really variant. People react differently to alcohol, even different types of alcohol can make people act in different ways... Couldnt really give you a definitve answer if i tried.
  • Yes it depends on the person and the situation. It can change everytime according to what is going on....
  • Roger liked vodka and he was very controlling, possesive, loud and tempermental. Curtis would drink the same thing and be very fun loving. Both of those were my moms exs but ive saw them drink before.
  • it depends on the person. i get more happy and flirty when i drink, my friend gets sad and emotional when she drinks. it depends on the person and what that person is feeling deep down at the present moment.
  • I am a very even tempered person, My mood never gets too excited or angry or extreme in any way. When I drink though I get very happy and very flirty. I am completeley different. I'm about one of the happiest people on the planet when drinking and don't trust myself if there are women around as I have been known to become quite promiscuous when drinking which is one of the reasons I rarely do it.

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