• My sister sleeps with her eyes half open and they follow you across the room. Creepy!
  • i have to have something on...usually the tv, but if i have to, a radio. i sleep with a fan on in my room year round.i have about 8 pillows on my bed.
  • well i have a really weird one. sometimes when i get into a deep sleep, i'll be in a dream and in the dream for whatever reason, i spit. and what happens in the dream also happens to me in reality. now i don't mean the drooling kind of spit and mean and taking the spit in your mouth and actually pushing it out. after i spit in reality that causes me to wake up from my sleep. and i realize that i just spit and i get totally disgusted by it. can anyone tell me why it is that i do that?
  • i dont have any unusual ones

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