• Connected someones keyboard to their neighbors and v/v. It was pretty funny watching them try to log in.
  • my brother played a trick on me and i was not happy at all but he was cracking himself up. well in the morning on april 1st he poured a bucket of water on me and i thought i pee'd my pants lol i was so embaressed. But the good thing was that he got in trouble
  • my teacher told us this year that her husband had his boss call and say to her that the ten days he had to return his equiptment was up and if he didnt return it they would have to charge him (implying of course that he had been fired ten days ago) so she was all pissed both that he hadnt told her and wondering where he had been going the past ten days she was so mad at him but its all good now :)
  • Never had one pulled on me that was memorable, but there have been some good media ones in Australia. 1)the Opera House is sinking- complete with pics of frogmen around the base of it, apparently examining the rate of sinkage...and at the end of the news, the OH did a Titanic and slipped into the sea! 2)overnight the government had introduced metric time (this was just after Australia went metric in measurement in the early 70s). "famous" voices tried to explain how it would work, including the then Union Head, Bob Hawke, who eventually gave up and said "Blood hell! How long does it take to cook an egg?" People rang in horrified and distressed that they had not been consulted. Boy did they feel like idiots.
  • April 1st is the only day of the year I don't do pranks. My pranks are always fun and no one gets hurt. For a friend's birthday (and keep in mind we are all well over 21), I bought a pinata and filled it with those tiny liquor bottles (plastic ones). When she broke it open, everyone was stunned, then dove for them. At a dinner party at a friend's place, I flipped a light switch over (I carry a leatherman) so rather than flipping up to turn on the light, you had to flip it down. Took a while, but finally someone caught on that something was wrong.
  • my hubby & I both worked night shift but he went in before I did so I always got up earlier to fix his lunch & pack his bucket for work. I changed all the clocks ahead & told him we overslept. I woke him up in a panic, even let him get showered & everything thinking he was late for work until he was ready to go out the door then I flipped the tv on to show him he's been pranked. He was mad at first but then laughed about it.
  • We staged a fake murder scene in the wee hours of the morning for the day bartender. It was complete with a knife, blood, body, and we messed with the furniture so it looked like a struggle had happened. She lost it when she got there, ran screaming across the street, almost got run over, and called 911. We all had the scanners on and you could hear the engines race and the sirens wail as all the cops descended on the scene. They were super pissed and after lots of explaining and apologies they finally let us off the hook with a promise to NEVER do it again. The bartender took 2 days to calm down, it really freaked her out.
  • You know those plastic carpets with the prickles under neath to hold them in place. Well i turned it upside down and when my friends walked over it they almost fell to their knees.
  • A guy had his new paintball gun delivered to our workplace. I received it because I run the warehouse and he didn't see it come in. Keep in mind he'd spent hundreds for it on eBay, and was waiting impatiently for a few weeks for it. I took it into the warehouse and put all these official looking shipping labels on it that said that it wad been damaged in shipping and he was to immdiately contact the shipper and the postal service. He almost pooped his pants! He was SO mad, while opening the box, checking every little piece of the many pieces of the thing to see what could be wrong. I let it go for about 10 minutes then told him. Punch in the arm and a laugh.
  • the day before me and my dad moved my trampoline under my second flore bedroom window and whilst i was carrying a load of boxes the next day i fell out of the window (actually i dived). my mum saw me fall out of the window and was scared for the worst (becos my bedroom is above the garage just after i got of my bros and dad moved it into the garrage my mum then got the fright of her life when i came up behind her and asked what she was lookin at it was a bit mean
  • The best one I've ever played was saran wrapping the toilet at night. My little brother was always the first to use it in the morning, so when he did it came splattering back up. The best ones played on me have been when my SO put the drink mix Tang in the shower head, as I am always the first to take a shower in the morning. Little does he know that I run the shower for a good 30 seconds before I get in, to make sure it's good and hot. It took forever to get the orange color out of the tile though! Another good one was when I used to work at a coffee shop. I came home when it was dark out, usually around 9 or 10 after closing up the store. My SO and two of his friends hid in the house when I was coming in and scared the crap out of me. My SO had a cap gun, one friend had a bat, and another was behind them with something, I don't remember what. I screamed so loud it was crazy. You can see that one on youtube!
  • I ran upto my girlfriend and screamed.. OH MY GOD! 'insert certain president' HAS JUST BEEN ASSASINATED! she was like, with an open mouth "noooooooooo :|" i'm like "April Fools :)" and we both cracked up LOL :)
  • i told my dad i got my gilfriend pregnant lolll he was almost gonna have a heartattack!!!!!!!!!!!
  • My friend had bought a box of pixie sticks so we poked a small hole at the top and dumped all the sugar out then filled it with salt. The next day we gave it to a couple of our friends thinking that that would find out right away that the pixie stick had salt in it but instead they ripped the top of and poured half of it in their mouth before they realized what we done, the look on their face was priceless and we still laugh about it today.
  • I despise pranks and would never do one and would drop someone as a friend if they pulled one one me.

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