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  • definetely true!!!
  • No I have always had a higher sex drive than my partners - which can be quite frusrating
  • they want to, but since guys want sex more girls can have sex preety much whenever they want
  • I think everyone has no the right to answer the question. while each has the right to talk the feeling of the sex drive of man or woman. thers is no standard to weigh the strength of the sex drive. but there is a such result that: on the sex-action bed, one women can fulfill the requrement from several men, so I think the sex drive of women are stronger than men.
  • On average, they do
  • i certainly have more drive that she does... and it is frustrating
  • Oh hell yeah. I mean just look around the writings on the wall. If womens sex drive exceeded mens then there would be more women on men rape than men on women rape a year. They have a sex drive it just doesn't match a mans level sex drive.
  • Not in our house
  • usuauly but defenatly not always
  • yes...
  • Unfortunately, in my experience, yes.
  • No! Sex drive is not a gender thing!! Each person is different as you can see by the answers. Many women have higher sex drives than men!!!
  • No, but they are more affected by the stress of the day. They perform better in the morning. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Medical studies show sex is best in the morning and it improves your health. The end of the day is a bad time for fun. Your body is at its lowest levels of energy and oxygen. Your immune system has been in active mode for at least 12 hours, and the temporary storage capacity of your brain is getting full. This is why it's so important to get at least 8 hours of sleep, or 10 hours if under the age of 30 for males and 24 for females. That's when you reach full maturity. At night, during that period of time between when you go to sleep and start dreaming, your brain's ability to absorb data is shut down and everything in temporary storage is transferred to permanent storage through the creation of chemical bonds, and synaptic connectors, as needed. While you are dreaming, the data is being categorized. At night, your body washes out all the lactic acid that has built up in your muscles during the day, replacing it with oxygen. At night, your immune system goes into limited standby mode to regenerate and repair injuries, such as sore and strained muscles. At night, prior to the ages of full maturity, all growth and development takes place. Guys, this means that until age 30, if you are not getting the proper amount of sleep, you are not going to reach your full potential length with your tally whacker. That might be useful in the morning. And yes, that contributes to a guy’s woody. When you wake up, provided you got a proper amount of sleep, your body and your brain are refreshed and ready for the day's activities, so why not start out with a little morning exercise before getting out of bed? I hope this answers your question. Now, for you night workers, the reason we have so many health problems is that we don't sleep under conditions that properly simulates night time. According to the AMA, you have to sleep in a room that is absolutely dark. Any light prevents the brain from entering into night time mode, triggering all the other processes. The room needs to be cool, as the top of the head puts off a lot of heat while transferring the data. Not doing this creates a gradual and life shorting condition. I know, as I sit in a nursing home with a bad heart. ??????????????? One final note When I was younger, and my heart worker better, I was a morning love maker. My wife loved it, except for one problem. It was 4 AM and I was still sleeping, so I woke up in the morning with no memory of it. I got all the work and she got all the fun.
  • For the physical sex act? Typically, yes. I think the issue is that women tend to crave the intimacy more than the act. Watch a porn (GASP!). Seriously. Here are people having sex to pay their rent, right? It's just a job, right? WRONG! Watch the women. They try to make eye contact the whole time. Even they want that intimate contact. Men want the O. No matter where, when, or from whom, we want it. It's sad, immature, and selfish, but it's true nonetheless.
  • NO! Women are always thinking about sex that's why we dress sexy to arouse men and make them think about sex. Women think about it more men talk about it more but I think it evens out.
  • Don't be fooled, many women are freaks! I know depending upon the time of the month (right before their period), many women get that urge. If the woman has had many pleasurable experiences during sex, and is in tune with her body (where her G-SPOT is), she will have a burning drive. One thing I have noticed over time is that there are many women that have that drive and desire and aren't afraid to express it.
  • Nah, we're just better at not acting on it. ;)
  • Yes, by far in my experience. Women have far more hangups and conditions when it comes to sex.
  • I agree with some of the other answers. It depends on a few things. The time of the month and also the age of the person. I am 56 and still have a healthy sex drive. But women around my age seem to have a higher sex drive than me. The joke I've heard is: Women peak at 50ish and men at 16. The problem is I believe it's true. What is wrong with this picture. EVERYTHING!
  • When alone... men have the edge. With a partner... I might give women the edge.
  • Yes, they typically do. Most women have a lot of hangups or issues about sex. Most men would have it whenever they can with whomever would be willing. Women do not see it that way. That is not to say they do not like it, they are just not as willing as often as men. But we love them anyway.
  • well i start they day off "hard" so it seems like men do more than women, but i guess i could be wrong. maybe it depends on the person and not so much the gender. i have no idea :/
  • I think that men have more sex drive than women ,beause women can have better control over thier sex drive then men.
  • Not necessarily. There's more variance among individuals than there is between the genders. Women might perhaps be more discriminating than men, due to the risk of pregnancy, but that doesn't mean they want it any less.

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