• i fantasize about everything.
  • I've had a lot of fantasies, but never thought of that one.
  • I can't say that I ever have. heh. I bet it would be fun to act out in the bedroom!
  • I never thought of that one, and I thought I had an active imagination.
  • Julia Roberts ..
  • Call girl, being raped, threesomes, it's all fantasy and for most women best kept that way. The reasons are obvious and are different for everyone. The human mind needs to express itself in many ways, creatively, sexually, many ways. It just that, expressing oneself in their own way. Everybody fantasies about things, wining lotto, being a millionaire, sports star, warrior. These are expressions of who they are inside their own minds, their secret desires. It's the need for play, even as adults humans need play time.
  • I would hope at least some do, killdrphil. Now a callgirl with handcuffs. That's a totally different fantasy altogether. Ahhhhhh....!
  • I'm sure some have. Hell I'm sure some women have fantasized about having sex with a one legged WWII veteran in a airshaft above a mob meeting know that if they get caught they'll be killed instantly. ... What? You mean you never have thought about it? Really? Really really? Okay I must be the weird one then.
  • I know I do sometimes, but I don't know about other women. I might not be a good example, because I tend to fantasize about lots of things that many people consider weird, lewd, depraved, or disgusting. My main reason is because if I actually was a callgirl in reality, it would piss my parents right the hell off.
  • The Ho within?
  • I've asked a lot of women their secret fantasy and I've never had one tell me about a call girl fantasy. I have NEVER heard one say they had a fantasy about being raped, that tends to be the greatest fear in all the women I've talked to. The most common response I get when asking about womens fantasies are to "experiment" with another women. Not all of them but I get that response more than anything else. The second most common response I get is they want to have sex in an unusual place (usually a public place on the sly).
  • I wouldn't say most but I am sure some do and probably more than would admit it. Personally I enjoy a very rich fantasy life and write erotic stories, I have even fantasied about being a male having sex.
  • hmm... that's not something i've ever fantasized about, but i could probably come up with some glorified, sexy version. why? because it's nice to have any fantasy that is sexy and helps rev up the libido at times.
  • extra spending money, meeting exciting people and the chocolate
  • I've never met any, kdp..I certainly wouldn't. I'm shy so I wouldn't do too well. Sad life, that..selling your body for someone to use and then discard! :(
  • I never have.No one has ever told me that they do.
  • Well, I fantasize about having a huge disposable income and beholden to none. I wonder if this counts.
  • Fantasize about getting dragged into a clients car and beaten up or even raped, no I don't fantasize about that.
  • While I'm sure some have fantasized about the Julia Roberts make-believe call girl life, I find it really hard to believe most women fantasize about being objectified and paid to have sex with strangers, likely being drug dependant, vulnerable to danger and disease and making little money for selling one's soul.
  • yeah, power.
  • I have never fantasized about being a callgirl, but I have fantasized pretty close to it. Stripper. Dominatrix. *cackles* But to me, callgirl implies "his pleasure first, her pleasure never".
  • i do--in another life i would love to be a callgirl or a stripper. if i had the nerves i would do it now just for kicks and to see what it's like....but the reason why i fantasize about that? maybe because it's so different from my life now....i guess it seems glamorous, exciting, dangerous, and mysterious all at the same time?

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