• It would taste like a hamburger with katchup and mayo on it. you like mayo? Do you like ketchup? I personally like ranch dressing or horseradish on my burger...
  • I enjoy them together. It mellows out the ketchup. It somehow brings out more of the meat flavor that can be covered by the stronger straight ketchup.
  • I think it taste great! What do you put on them?
  • what do you mean is it ok? no the government is going to come to your house and arrest you if you do that. its not allowed. (???) go ahead i dont like it because mayo makes me sick but to each his own
  • That's the basis for McDonald's secret sauce, it's thousand isle dressing, mayo, ketchup or chili sauce, and relish. sounds fine to me. Been done fro decades:-)
  • Oh, yeah! Call it the "home version" of the "secret sauce" used in some restaurants.
  • It's YOUR hamburger! You can have it with shoelaces and rabbit farts if that's what you like! But as for me it's one or the other never both at the same time.
  • Yes,Good
  • Of course the ketchup part is more than OK, it's the way to go. I'd go easy on that mayo though, and you'll need mustard and dill pickles with quality lettuce such as the Leaf variety. You don't need to settle for inferior iceberg lettuce. I encourage everyone to make their sandwiches as delicious as possible. Food is supposed to be fun, so enjoy. There will also be grill marks on your burger since it was flame broiled of course.
  • putting them on there to gether is what mcdonalds does I think thats what the special sauce is
  • It tastes pretty darn good. I put the ketchup on the bottom, and the mayo on top with the veggies. If there are no veggies, I just slap them both on wherever.
  • I don't sounds dangerous!
  • That makes russian dressing , or pretty close ...Tasty!
  • If you like it, by all means eat it that way. It's your burger, fix it the way you want!
  • Ketchup and Mayo mixed is called Marie Rose sauce, and is often used for prawn cocktail. OK, you can spice it up a bit if you want to show off, but a Marie Rose sauce is still basically ketchup and mayo. So others have gone before, and you will not die of some ghastly interaction.
  • Only way to see what it astes like is try it (I used to but I hate ketchup now)
  • It would taste awesome. I love ketchup and mayo together on a burger.
  • Its good! I do it all the time!
  • It would taste pink :)
  • It’s even better if you mix together ketchup, mayo, and sweet relish. My friends from the western U.S. call it “fry sauce” (and it’s apparently offered in little packets, at McDonald’s), but it’s great on hamburgers, too!
  • Wow you dont put ketchup and mayo on your hamburger already? Whaaaat??? you dont know what your missing..its better with both if ya ask me rather than with just ketchup by itself...another lil secret of mine..put a1 sauce on it...mayo a1 sauce lettuce onion if ya like...its soooo good..ok gotta go now, gotta go take some hamburger out of the fridge to defrost..I just figured out what I wanted for thanks =]

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