• There are a number of PDF to .doc converters. Here is one:
  • You need Adobe Reader to be able to open PDF files. It's available for free download from Adobe's website. Once you have installed Adobe Reader you will be able to open the document, print it and fill it out.
  • If you have to fill it in on the PC, thats not going to be easy... I would do as Brian suggested if at all possible, as I have tried so many times to do basicly what you want to do, and the PDF to doc converters invariably screw up the page formatting and suddenly the document no longer looks the same. to edit the pdf file you will need adobe acrobat FULL VERSION which is not cheap and even then that assumes that the people who made the document did not lock it for editing (meening only they can change it) If you can, I would download the free acrobat reader and then fill it in by hand. Hope this was useful By the way... just found this from someone elses question : You can do this by converting your PDF to Word with Solid Converter PDF. This will allow you to fill in the form and save it back to PDF format. You may download a free trial of the software at Dunno if it works or not... hey worth a try.
  • Http:// is the best I could find.
  • do you have Adobe Acrobat Professional? Any version will do.

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