• apparently natural deterrents are : cloves of garlic, camphor or naphthalene... garlic probably being the commonest... perhaps smash up a few cloves of Garlic and chuck them in the area where he is hiding then go indoors for a bit, so he can scram without having to avoid you. Hope it works !! :o) Failing that get your wellies on and poke him with an extra long broom handle !
  • can you give him some food?
  • 12 gauge then pick him up on a pitchfork and throw over neighbor's fence ;)) Seriously, call animal control if you can't handle this yourself, this is why you pay taxes.
  • A .22 caliber rifle should do the trick without making too big a mess.
  • Peanut butter in a trap works. Then have the local animal control come take it.
  • well, call the police and let them deal with it. They'll probably tell you to call the local animal control center. Or, the second you have a gun??
  • open the garage door wide open and toss some mothballs behind the bench the smell should over take him and chase him toward the outdoors.
  • this is why i carry baseball bats around in my back pocket. cuz really. u know never know when ull need one.
  • Got a pellet or BB gun? It won't do much more than sting him, and he may get the idea that that spot HURTS to be in. Make sure you are BEHIND him, and he has a way to escape. And YES... They carry rabies, and have NASTY teeth. (We have the problem of them visiting our outdoor cat's food bowl, if we leave it out there. NASTY creatures... They left PILES of poo in our garage, found when we cleaned it out... Closed the door after that! I beat a couple on the head with a whip antennae to get them to leave when we kept that G's back door open for the cat.) You could put a bit of food outside the garage, and stand far away from him with the door open about a foot. When he leaves, use the garage door opener and SHUT it on him! If all else fails, call animal control.
  • It's a day later, I hope your husband took care of this. A woman should not be called upon to deal with a wild critter.
  • Mothballs or soak cotton balls or cloths with ammonia. Then shut the door and remove them when it is gone.
  • why do you want to get rid of it?
  • make some sort of noose and get a heavy set of welding gloves and some kevlar armor with a bicycle helmet and swimming goggles and go after it. slip the noose over the possum and drag it out. if worse comes to worse get a firecracker or some thing and scare it out. i was probably scared when it went behind the tool bench in the first place. make sure the fire cracker is thrown behind the tool bench and is as close as possible to the creature for maximum effetintcy. or you could just call animal control.
  • buy a large bag of Purina Possum Chow and make a food trail out of your garage
  • probably babies too-go the humane society route=they can at least give you a "wrangler" to call. be careful, they bite! and they have powerful crud....
  • I'm not sure.........How does a possum get so huge? Why get it out of there?..........good opportunity for a pet and he may know something about tools.
  • Open the garage door. He will leave on his own when he gets hungry.
  • The opossum or the tool bench? Opossum; shotgun. Tool bench; strong friends.
  • Start some mundane project in the garage and ask the possum to give you a hand! :)
  • big, long stick. poke it.
  • Go in the garage and pretend to be asleep. beat him at his own game!
  • oh my such violent answers. just leave the garage door open. it is a night creature, so it will leave in search of food during the night.
  • We had a possum living in the garage for months. Been keeping the cat food in the house, but it still hung out and was sometimes seen slinking away when we swapped out the laundry at night. Apparently it came to understand the cat flap to the back deck. So today i was looking for some electrical tape, opened a seldom-used drawer in the workbench/cabinet thingy, and there it was! Consuming most of the drawer, and apparently now quite at a loss for a course of action. My daughter's baseball bat was leaning against the water heater about 10 feet away. One swing, home run. Problem solved.
  • First the good news, possums keep the skunks away. Now the bad news, it's harder than heck to get rid of them. I've been trying for 6 years to get rid of a few that live in my crawl space under the house. They have burrowed in all my insulation under there. I heard a fight under the house one night.I know one of them died a few days later. Lord Of Mercy, the stench was unbearable! It died under the kitchen table area under the house. I had to close off that part of the house for 6 months. It was winter and I still had a fan in the kitchen window to keep the smell from creeping in our living area. I had a neighbor go under the house to see if he could find the body. But apparently it died somewhere in the insulation and he couldn't find it. The funniest story I have about possums is when one of them was living under my shed. I threw a big box of mothballs all over the under area of the shed so he wouldn't go back under there. The next morning I found all the mothballs thrown out from under the shed. So I used the leaf blower and blew them all back under the shed. The next day, all the mothballs were out again from under the shed. I guess he didn't like the smell and tossed each one out of his 'den'. For all I know, he may be the one that actually 'moved' into my crawlspace. Last week I saw a young one under the workbench in the carport. I am so sick of them destroying my insulation and making creepy noises at night under the floor. Good luck with getting rid of your possum.
  • I have used this simple method successfully before -------- open the garage door and spray a garden hose in the area where the possum is hiding. Stand back, he will be outta there and never come back.
  • maybe you can put a trail of food leading him out of there
    • Roaring
      Hey we think alike. Read this after posting.
  • A trail of cat food. It worked for me with a possum. I wouldnt hurt it. it is harmless and tends to faint when they are nervous

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