• Yes. And a jolly good service it provides for those people. Imagine if they took all their bad attitudes,negativity, bitterness &/or prejudiced views out onto the street. Where would we all be then eh? Before we knew where we were the pimps would be touting their whores to make money for crack cocaine.
  • Yes, fortunately their numbers are few.
  • oh sure, LOL I find the homosexual community taking flack all the time, and I admit, I vent anti-religion on here(tho justly so)
  • Yes, some people do that. AB is just like in the real world. People are boors there too. The solution is basically the same, ignore them.
  • Yes. I've seen many examples here. Luckily, there are many other people that project exactly the contrary, those make AB worthwhile to me.
  • Absolutely. Every community has them, but on here when you hide behind anonymity and all you have to do is call yourself anonymous or create a new account when your current one gets tarnished, there's no reason for them not to. Some call it venting, but I call it practicing for the real life. They get used to perfecting their hate and propoganda so much that it becomes easier and easier. You learn what questions are looking for what answer and you just avoid them.
  • Yes. But it all goes both ways. I think there a lot of conservative haters on the site and then i am told there are liberal haters. This site is definitely biased against religion. I think there is more than anecdotal evidence for it.
  • Everyone uses AB as a conduit for their views to some extent. Everything we say or do comes from our own paradigm. As for a bad attitude, well, the definition of that is so disturbingly subjective that I don't know how anyone in the world couldn't be said to have a "bad attitude" about something. I also don't know anyone on here well enough to speak about their bitterness, if indeed that is even what it is. As for negativity, it is necessary. Without a good balance of positive and negative, we tend to ignore part of the greater picture and life experience. Trolling is another matter.

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