• um yeah maybe a couple
  • Yes, but if I told you the details, I would have to track you down, and lay you down for a nice long dirt nap before you had a chance to tell the cops!
  • Yes, and it wasn't intentional. I don't know what the exact term is, if it's accessory or accomplice or whatever, but I unwittingly helped a bunch of my (former) girlfriend's jerk-off ex-con buddies transport about $500 worth of coke. Neither her or I had any idea what they were up to, they just asked her for a ride somewhere and she begged me to come along because she didn't like them. Once they picked up their stuff and I saw what was going on, I knew if we got pulled over on the way home, I'd be just as screwed as everyone else in the car, but I had no choice but to just sit back and wait till we got where we were going.
  • G'day Harleyboyaj, Thank you for your question. No. If I had been, I wouldn't confess to it here. Regards
  • No, are you looking for partners in crime? I can drive the get away car.
  • Yes, but i can;t say
  • yes i was part of a gang of criminals who would go around and shoplift anything they could stuff down their pants! that was back in elementary school... i've cleaned up my act a bit since!
  • Don't know if it would be considered "part of the crime", but I was with a friend when he switched out expensive golf balls for cheap ones, and paid for the cheap ones. I did NOT know he'd done this. His parents found out, and since I was with him, called my Dad. Dad and they talked to him, then to me. I THINK I was pretty much off the hook, and was VERY upset that he'd done this. (We used to play miniature golf a lot.) They made him go back to the store and tell the manager what had happened. Of course, he had to pay for the more expensive balls. Been to parties where there was underage drinking (I was underage at the time), and smokin' (if you catch my drift) going on. Also, in college, I knew guys were doing LSD and other stuff in the back room... Since then, I can only think of "speeding"... But that's a traffic violation, not a crime, right? ;-)
  • Yes, um..I mean no...That is to say, uh...What was the question?
  • no, but I have been a part of the prosecution
  • Daily.

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