• No. Something that simple would be justification for mandating other things, including things for which Congress has no authority. That said, I would hope the various school districts would adopt a policy advocating healthy meals, but I don't believe in prohibition of any food category. So long as its generally available, it should be allowed in the schools.
  • No for three reasons: 1) EDUCATION IS NOT A FEDERAL JURISDICTION!!!!!!!!! It is a state issue. 2) Freedom: I can feed my kid whatever the fuck I want. 3) The Congress should focus on more important issues than kids drinking sodas and candybars in schools.
  • I think that the government should focus on providing more nutritious foods for the children. My sons lunch today was 'rubbery' tacos. Please explain how that is remotely healthy? And I do provide lunch for my son, being 13 it is his responsibility to put it together at night for the next day.
  • No, because they aren't the food police. It should be a matter for parents and school authorities to work out. If you ban junk food in the school, the kids will only want it more after school. But I certainly think that junk food should not be the only food supplied in the tuck shop.
  • I think schools that are federally subsidized already have banned junk food. They're not allowed to have soda machines or candy vending machines in the schools anymore.

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