• Well I'm Mexican so it's evident that I have Spanierd blood and Aztec blood. I know for a fact that my grandfather had Myan blood. My grandmother told me we that our ancestors were gypsies and to be logical I think I have arab blood because the Arabians settled in Spain for 700 years so it's pretty probable that I am also from Arab ancestry as well. All that darkskinned people and yet i'm white as hell!!!
  • Irish 25% Scotish 25% French 50% What we call the so called perfect canadian.
  • 1/16 Cherokee 1/16 French 3/8 English 3/8 German 1/8 Prussian (modern Poland)
  • yes I am 1/4 english,1/4 german,1/4 indian and 1/4 black. the black quarter is just below my belly button.
  • I am Half Irish Half European Spanish( Basque) bits and pieces are mixed in those halves French from the basque but i really do not know.
  • Not sure at what point "race" and "nationality" become separate things (I'm no anthropologist), but: I'm 50% Syrian And 50% Irish. I think I got the best of both worlds. Nice red highlights in my hair/beard, but not that many freckles.
  • mexican but the tribes i'm from are completely different - and no i don't have any aztec in me. they are yaqui [father's side] and purechepa [aka tarasco but i don't know why the names are's side by the way] somewhere in all of that is a mix of spaniard, but very very little is physically evident on either side. my cousin has light eyes, and my skin isn't very dark
  • there is no such thing as race. All humans are one race. They are just different ethnic origin. All of us are mixed. I am mostly Anglo-Celtic, but I have one great-great grandfather who was probably African, another who was Chilean (probably mixed Castilian/Native Chilean and a great great grandmother who was half Indian(as in born in East Bengal).
  • Let's see, 1/2 English & 1/4 Scottish & 1/4 Irish. Can't get much more pasty white than that I suppose.
  • I am totally Northern European by ethnicity. White as a ghost, blonde hair, green eyes. My father's from Ireland, my mother's family from Ireland as well, with one relative somewhere from Germany.
  • yep, I'm half Irish half Native American. Or so I always thought..I recentley discovered that on my irish side i have a great grandmother who was african american. pretty interesting.
  • I'm a Heinz 57. My ancestors came from so many different places, a pie chart would even be hard to do. But I am a member of the human race.
  • Am half white English, n the other half Jamaican
  • my mom is irish/german/scottish/ with a lil cherokee and then my dads side is half aztec half spanish but still full blooded mexican so im half irish/german/scott/and cherrokee and half hispanic...basiclly
  • I'm completely French as far as I know, but I'm pretty sure somewhere along my genealogy there's someone from somewhere else. My grandmother told me about it before, we had a lot of sailors in our family during the 1500's or so, so there must be some mixed blood somewhere. Otherwise it's all farmers and peasants, so that remains pretty stationary. She could tell me if there was, and probably did, but I forgot.
  • My mom is half Russian/Polish and my dad is from Azerbaijan SO i am half Azeri/Russian/Polish. Something like this. xD
  • my daughter is half english (me )and half asian (dad)and is gorgeous and im so proud of her .
  • Nope. I wish I was, I feel so uninteresting. I'm a quarter Irish. That's it.
  • My Dad's side : My Dad is 75% Spanish and 25% Chinese My Mom's side: My Mom's Grandfather half French Filipino and Grandmother Spanish Filipino on her mother side. I'm not sure of her father side all I know Spanish Japanese Filipino. I have pinkish white skin, I was born with a golden brown hair but eventually darken almost black, my eyes changes color from dark brown to light sometimes dark blue or dark green, just the light reflection. But I have a small chiseled nose. Almond eyes, boomerang eye brows, thick long eye lashes, small pinkish full lips. And my grandmother calls me snow white when I was little
  • 90% Welsh. The other 10% is unknown. I like to imagine it's something interesting like Chinese, Greek or Klingon.
  • No..I am all german:)
  • I'm a mutt. 1/8 Native American, 1/8 Scottish, 1/4 Irish, 1/8 Czechoslovakian, 1/8 Hungarian, 1/4 Welsh.
  • im mixed with white black and indian my moms indian (native) and black dads native, and black, and white. doesnt really bother me its cool actually

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