• Now more than ever. I just helped recruit and plan for an antiwar rally in my hometown.
  • yes and i say what i've said when i was young naive and stupid - we shouldn't be there in the first place
  • I hope the next president has the guts to bring all the troops home within a year.Also there is an estimated 25,000-100,000 soldiers wounded,and one million Iraqis killed ,which is rarely mentioned in the news, should show it is time to get out ,and should have left years ago.
  • I am concerned, more than ever. I believe close to a million Iraqi people is way too many (one is too many in my opinion). The government has a lot of things that it'll never apologise for.
  • Of Course! Bring them HOME! how about the million iraqis! Civilians! if they WANTED us there, maybe that might be a little different.. but they DONT! . Bring 'em HOME! and Obama isn't going to do this! He wants to send MORE troops! and he said he'd invade pakistan!? When will we Wake Up??!
  • We must bring back the draft so that we can have the 500,000 troops that the army planners originally asked for. Yes, "we broke it," and as Colin Powell said, "so we own it." The draft should focus first on Republicans and have no exemptions for any reason including age, so that we can catch up with Cheney, Limbo, Dick Armey, and the rest of those chickens who arranged to avoid the draft. Then we should be sure to get Romney's 5 sons, all of whom say they support the war, but none of whom have joined up. Then I would get Bush & his daughters, who have partied their way through the war. You can add who you wish to the rest of the list. Maybe every Senator and Congressperson (like Hillary) who voted for the war.
  • You cannot put a price on freedom. What price would you put on yours? 4,435 died to create America, (the total casualties in Iraq just hit 4000), after there was an America 2,213,363 died in the civil war, 53,402 Americans died in battle during WWI to preserve liberty and democracy, 291,557 American soldiers died in WWII to preserve liberty and democracy. These are not the only the major battles to preserve what is right and true, the ideal that all men are created equal and have the right to pursue their own path. If you include the deaths of the other wars of need to preserve democracy the total goes over 2 million additional deaths. All for the purpose of insuring the freedom you have now to ask a stupid question. You must be a liberal with no real sense of what you have or how you got it. If you don't like America, move.
  • I am still concerned about the war in Iraq. I watch the totals of American dead rise daily. 4000 is more than enough. But there are people who think that 4000 isn't enough. It's amazing to me. We will give every American life we can so that the Iraqis can have a religious state. A state run by religious fanatics. A state that, apparently, needs a dictator to keep it from blowing itself apart. Those people who call "Un-American" any person who disagrees with their position on anything that goes on in politics haven't really read or understood the Constitution of the Greatest Country in the World. Name calling is what goes on in school yards; not in intelligent, honest debate.
  • It's people like you,that we a trying to protect over there.Yet, you may never understand that.
  • One was enough or too much maybe. But I understand the right to defend our nation. I just wish there was a better way.
  • the stupid ass prez finally admitted,the sadam didnt have any weapons, imagine that.way to go prez!!We are alwats sticking our noses in other peoples buisness
  • I am very concerned no considering my boyfriends 50 yr old father was just sent.

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