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  • i havn't but i know someone who did they were having sex and pissed of his girl and she hit him with a book in the parts and it pinched it and broke a blood vessel he ahd to go to the hospital and they couldn't do anything it was funny she was a good friend of mine thats why she told me what she did...
  • I had a blood vessel break which caused swelling and some pain. The first 24 hours was pretty uncomfortable and a little scary because my mind started to wander about the possibilities - but I figured it wasn't an STD because the skin wasn't broken and my partner and I am monogomous. The next morning I saw the deep purplish color of a broken blood vessel that I had when I was a child and I immediately diagnosed it as a broken blood vessel. There was swelling on the shaft of my penis (which also kinda freaked me out). I iced down my penis for 10 min every hour and that helped tremendously. Swelling went away within 24 hours. The blood spot starts to gradually fade too. I would see a doctor if the pain and swelling does not go away after48 hours. Thankfully in my case it did.
  • Yes, I was giving my lover an intense bj - he grabbed my hair and intensely thrusted his pelvis into my throat. After a significant amount of time, I was having difficulty taking his large rod into my mouth... we were both so into it - that he recklessly kept jamming into my mouth - my lips trying to cover my teeth - and when he finally ejaculated - we noticed there was a huge purple swollen oval bump on the shaft right under the head/ tip. Best remedy we found out - ice immediately - take a break... and after a couple hours - the swelling was gone, but the purplish bruise was still present. After which we had sex and he didn't experience any pain...
  • I've been with a a guy, and that happened.. he had to get surgery

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