• I think it can be a privacy issue. A lot of people like to have privacy when they drive. Also some can't be bothered.
  • hi Ed.I think some people don't like to carepool for various reasons. The main reason I think is because most people have a daily routine,for example the route they take to work or school,the time they leave the house,they may make a stop at a local coffe shop,but when you are carpooling,you have to consider your passengers wishes, maybe they like to leave earlier than you,or stay later,or skip the donut shop and grab a coffee at work. Another reason might be,that a lot of people like to spend their commute time alone, maybe their not morning people, or just the fact,that they have people depending on them,might be too much for them to handle. Whatever the reasons,I guess carpooling is not for everyone.
  • It is not as are no longer in charge of your time..there are others to consider..their schedules are as important as your schedule so compromise needs to be achieved and whenever there is compromise it is not as much fun as when you get to do what you want when you want for however long you want! :)
  • They like the freedom of being able to get away fast.
  • maybe they just dont like waiting for other people

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