• Investigate and if necerssay pull it's tax free status.
  • Don't care.
  • Unfortunately, political fund-raising and electioneering from the pulpit has become rampant in our county in recent years. Many church leaders campaigned for Bush in their churches and got away with it. I think it's wrong no matter which side does it.
  • All churches should lose that status.
  • No thoughts. Not on that one. Don't care at all
  • Well it is sin to Murder so the Real Churchs teach to vote your consicious, but Obama's CHurch taught racism, murder and suppported concentration camps I can safely say that it is in fact not a Church at all but a political Machine. Hopefully during the einvestigation they will find enough evidence to have Obama Arrested for his various hate crimes.
  • I certainly hope that those churches here in CA that raised money and campaigned in favor of Prop 8 from the pulpit would be investigated as well. However, Prop 8 seems like a lot more of a direct attempt to use a religious organization to change the results of an election.
  • I think there are a lot of churches that should lose that.
  • Wow! The church getting mixed up in politics? What a big revelation! Next thing you know, you'll hear the preachers making religious speeches in Congress...oh, no, wait...I think that's been done already
  • Nothing will happen. Just add it to the growing list of Obama's corruption. He came up in the most corrupt political city in the nation, that is how he learned, what would you expect?
  • That law applies to ALL Churches. The Church that Obama attends is no different. If a Church publicly chooses a political affiliation, it is in violation of the rules governing it's tax-free status.
  • OK, if we're going to nail Obama's church for this, let's also go after the Mormon's for their massive fund raising effort in favor of California Proposition 8. What's good for the goose and all that...;-D...
  • I think all churches should be treated the same as any other non-profits. As for this specifically, if they broke the law they should pay the price. But, to be fair, there are huge numbers of churches that get political - most of them favor the Republicans. +5
  • sounds to me like a load of bull shit being fanned by Republican Hypocrites!, funny how short their memory is considering the Republicans are just the Religious Rights puppets .
  • Nope! No thoughts.
  • If it's true then appropriate action should be taken. (But, I'm not surprised) God-damn America!
  • not sure what to think, i didnt know about it

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