• All I need to do is quote icecap level changes in Greenland and unprecedented melting there to raise the alarm. There really is no accounting for that. There are a lot of hot and when I mean hot I mean molten geothermal areas in Iceland as we know and using the proven drift of hot spots in Hawaii, It becomes more evident that there are more forces at work here than originally thought of. How's that for a tectonic answer?
  • I think it's the oil industry that's trying to keep us asleep. They are a very big force.
  • There are lots of scientists that disagree with the idea of man made global warming and lots of evidence that refutes this idea. However, this is something that has been discussed ad nauseum around here. So, I don't particularly feel like going into the details yet again. --------- Addendum
  • History shows there have been many warmings and coolings. I'm not nearly as concerned with the warning as I am the ice ages that inevitably follow the warming era.
  • There is no irrefutable scientific evidence to suggest that any significant warming is caused by man.

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