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  • To me I think jealousy is part of a trust issue. You will need to over come jealousy by having more trust.
  • Depends. Are you the jealous one or the object? If you are the object, ignore the jealousy (as long as you are not doing anything to deserve this behavior) then the person has to work on it. If you are the jealous one, you may need to analyze why you are so jealous and get some perspective.
  • A little bit of jealousy can be a good thing. Too much, then not so good. Are you the jealous one or your partner?
  • Jealousy is a result of trust being broken or insecurity. You can only get rid of it by find the root of the cause and overcoming it.
  • I am a jealous person and I work everyday at my trust issues, but I seem not to be able to overcome my insecurities. I feel so bad that I am this way and hurt my wonderful husband because of my insecurities. I am not just saying he is wonderful he is a wonderful person, he gives me know reason to doubt him or to question him. I have been in our relationship for 3 years married for 1 y and 6m.. My other relationships throughout my past I’ve had the same issues and I am finally realizing that I drive them away because of the jealousy. I try to control this horrible green monster that lives in my brain, but the feelings I get, and the mind wondering, is overwhelming. My husband is a great person but I am destroying our relationship because of my jealousy and I try everything in my power to stop this but I keep doubting myself and my love to feed my insecurities seem to win out.. I am educated and intelligent woman, but I have major insecurity issues that I have confronted, yet I can not overcome them, I still can’t seem to trust anyone! When does it stop? When can I trust? How do I get through this? I also know what had caused this in my childhood, and throughout my life, I have addressed all these problems. I have a wonderful life. Yet this one thing that haunts me. I can be good for a couple of weeks even up too a month, but no longer than 6 weeks.. I am post menopausal but I have dealt with this all my life.. So I can't blame hormones’. I can blame my childhood, because that won't do me any good! Blaming is: one finger forward and four pointing back at you.
  • unless this person has given you a reason to mistrust them, I would say you may want to deal with your own insecurities. There are plenty of books that can address this. Good Luck!
  • Feelings of jealousy are natural and are basically fear-based and we become afraid of loss to someone we see as "better" than us. Now it is good to recognize positive accomplishments and attributes in others and to appreciate them but when we feel jealousy we instead respond negatively and try to discredit, belittle, and even destroy that person. Which is bad. Best I have found to recognize that we find them superior to us in the ways that we do and to admire them for that superiority in those ways and learn from them and emulate them so that we can make ourselves better using what we have learned from them but not competing with them. I differ with some of the other answerers who write that it is a trust issue. I think we need to acknowledge that we can't completely "trust" anyone. For the reason that everyone will do basically what they think is good for them, not for us. Just as we need to think of what is good for us and act on it. Which does not mean we can't be supportive of and friendly and loyal to others. But when it comes down to it people are out for themselves so we must learn that we can't expect them to always be out for us. Instead we need to learn to be out for ourselves by working on ourselves and improving ourselves and learning new things and new skills and learning to appreciate lots of stuff - so that we develop a life of our own which is not completely dependent upon our relationship so if our partner leaves us we still have a core of ourselves left to nurture and enjoy that makes us feel good about ourselves. Which makes positive feelings about ourselves rather than the negative ones that come when we feel jealousy. We must understand that not everything lasts forever and that one of the secrets of happiness is to appreciate and enjoy what we have now because we might not always have it! Which is the positive approach to life rather than worrying about our future which jealousy makes us do.
  • My BFF knows he has no reason to be jealous. I Love only him. We have an arranged marriage, doesn't get any better than that. God brought us together and will keep us together. No matter what happens in Russia. : )

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