• No, I love certain vegetarian meals however, too much vege is equivalent to a great deal of dairy products which I can't consume so, that's why vege is for me.
  • No. Sometimes I just make a meal of a salad, or pasta, or grilled veggies and I don't feel anything is missing. Some nights, I will just have a light dinner of cheeses, olives, good bread and wine. My husband on the other hand will say "where's the beef?"
  • Not always, but there are times when I do.
  • Its a craving. Meat.. We crave what we need, meat has proteins. The reason others don't feel full is because they didn't get all they needed when eating "vegitairen". Vegitareans have to eat so much more than what meat eaters eat to get the same ammount.
  • The largest land animals are all herbivorous- elephant, hippo, and rhino. They're all so big because of all the veggies they have to eat before they feel full. ;) Case closed! :p JK. :D Seriously though, the only meat I eat is chicken and fish once a week each. I'm 5'11", 180 pounds so believe you me I ain't going hungry those other 5 days. :D
  • I can fill up on a big plate of fresh vegetables, no problem. The Dixie Cafe, in Memphis has a special called "vegetable Heaven" that's never failed to satisfy my appetite completely.
  • My husband and I actually don't eat much meat usually. There are times when we pig out (excuse the pun:-) but for the most part, meat is just a part of the meal, a minor ingredient. We eat lots of veggies and grains and fruits. So we often have meals with no meat. I don't notice the difference much. I do notice if I've just had empty calories, like things from white four or sugar but not if I've had lots of veggies and good grains. Fiber is very filling and does stay with you.
  • I can go with or without meat. It's not a necessity in my meals.
  • Not at all! I'd rather give meat up than cheese. Mmm...
  • Yes, I get that feeling too. I never eat veggie at home, but If I do so eating out, like I order a really nice risotto, I don't feel full and order a dessert to fill me up, which I never do if I ordered a meaty main course. I've no idea why it is, I just know that's the feeling I get.
  • i eat meat but i don't feel like i have to have it. this morning my family got together for a breakfast since we wanted to do something early for easter, and there was a whole bunch of foods but a lot of things had pork in it - and i don't eat any pig products. so i ate vegetarian pretty much, but it didn't bother me. =)
  • Yeah...I kinda do. I actually feel more hungry...
  • No. I have eaten fruits and vegetables and have been full, no need for meat. I can go without eating meat for months if I want to.
  • No. I like the taste of meat, and I eat it several times a week, but I can be just as full without it. Pasta is very filling.
  • If I don't eat meat I feel sluggish and slow like I have no energy. There are some days I don't eat it but it does not take long before I notice a big change.
  • I love meat, but I don't have it with every meal. Being an ITalo-Australian family, we eat pasta and salad sometimes as a meal, no meat at all. We also eat, occasionally, vegetarian schnitzels (made of eggplant).
  • No, I was a vegetarian for a few years and still eat many vegetarian meals. In fact, I can go a day or two of eating on my own and not really realizing that I haven't had meat. I like meat, but don't miss it that much when I don't eat it. Generally, I fix it more for my husband and son, because they want it.
  • I'm a pretty hardcore carnivore, and I generally have some meat with most of my substantial meals (with breakfast it isn't really a necessity for me, but I generally have some at least with/for dinner). It doesn't have to be the main course, though...I often eat a salad with chicken on it or pasta with sausage in the sauce. I do enjoy my steaks and burgers, though :) As far as feeling like I haven't eaten unless I have meat, I don't think that's the case with me, but I do generally prefer to have at least some meat with my meals.
  • No, many times a week I will eat a meatless dinner, I feel just as satisfied either way.
  • I spent a good deal of my childhood in the formerly totally vegetarian town of Loma Linda, California. I don't have to eat meat to enjoy a meal. Loma Linda still has the vegetarian supermarket.
  • 6-1-2017 That is a frequent complaint about Chinese food. It is because vegetarian food is low in fat. Dieters use that fact: Figure out how much fat you want per day and get it all for the first meal. Fat slows digestion so you have a steady supply of energy all day and you don't get hungry between meals.
  • It all boils down to what you're used to.......any vegan meal can be filling if you eat your fill.....just don't stuff yourself!! also I think it's a mental habit......'no meat? I can't feel satisfied without it!!!" know, that sort of thing....... and I'm not a vegan but probably could for 'protein' MOST PEOPLE DON'T REALIZE THAT VEGGIES HAVE PROTEINS TOO. just look of 'vegan bodybuilders' and see what you;ll find! THE MEAT INDUSTRY has brainwashed's all really just DEAD FLESH, people.......... OH each their own, right????????
  • This may come as a shock to you, but meat eaters eat meat and vegetables. Not one or the other exclusively. Vegetarian dishes can be in big portions or small. The problem is most people tend to eat small veg portions compared to their large meat portions. Eating a balanced diet of both in a decent portion is the best way to eat.

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