• My understanding was that only residents of Massachusetts, or those who intend to reside there were allowed to marry (i.e. same sex marriage). After the law was passed to allow gay marriage, and old one was revived regarding residency. If found this for clarification: "Massachusetts does not have a residency requirement for marriage, but an old law from 1913 was revived to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples from other states unless they intend to reside in Massachusetts. GLAD filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of this law and the final decision by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court was that same-sex couples from other states could marry in Massachusetts provided there was no statute, constitutional provision or controlling appellate decision in their state that prohibited same-sex couples from marrying. Since most states have one of these prohibitions, at this time the only same-sex couples who can marry in Massachusetts are residents of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Mexico, or residents of any state who intend to reside in Massachusetts." The above can be found here:
  • Mass. residents
  • this has always confused me..thanks for trying to clarify it.

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