• Because men would go mad from the incessant nagging BETWEEN the house keeping responsibilities.
  • Some men are barely able to handle having one normal person in the household ~ two would surely be more than they could cope with :)
  • Because marriage isn't a way to get household chores done. It's a commitment of the heart, not an employment contract. If it takes two people to care for a home, it's got two people already. And it takes 2 people to create the mess that they would have to clean up if they were single. Plus, could the man handle financially and emotionally HIS side of the workload, then?
  • If a man can afford to support a second wife, and wants her for just housekeeping, he could pay a maid, save money, and free the wife up to do other things at the same time.
  • Why can't women have two husbands and that way the women could afford to do whatever they pleased?!
  • Good idea.
  • You can't have paper issued by the state saying you are married to 2 persons, or seperate papers which state you are married to 2 persons at the same time. Nothing says you cannot have a family unit with multiple partners, though in some areas there probably are laws on co-habitation (so you would need multiple households).
  • I was thinking the same thing about having two husbands.
  • Pfft. Children can help with the housework, too, you know.
  • Polygamy should be legalized but not just for housekeeping reasons. More people just means more work. Polygamy is natural for some people and people should be able to live the way they see fit without other people's bigotry getting in the way.
  • And how would you explain this to the children?
  • Ok I gotta drop a little wisdom on you here. I live with my gf of 10 years and her single twin sister. In many ways when it comes to things needing fixed, lifted, moved, etc I pull double duty, sometimes emotionally and financially I am pulling double duty..many times I feel like I have 2 gf's...all the work and none of the benefits hahah. So let me tell you man, what happens is you don't get two wives cooking and cleaning and servicing get two bosses who find double the chores for you to do. 2 headaches, 2 women menstruating, 2 women to supply a house, food and essentials for. As far as the bedroom goes..well cummon, outside of the fantasy/porn realm, no man is a match for 1 woman (they push babaies out of those things!!!) much less 2!... in reality..they'd probably just get into each other and leave you sitting there with your junk in your hand.
  • Am I the only one thinking this question was probably asked just to rile up the feminists?
  • For the same reason as women can't have two husbands and live comfortably off their two salaries, spending every day at the beauty parlour, and not worrying her pretty little head about anything - as we all know, the man is the breadwinner, and must look after his little woman! So two men could look after her twice as well!
  • because this is the 21st century,if your a Mormon they legally cant but it works for them and in the middle east you could have a harem but why would you want that,one woman is enough to handle and if you could afford two why not get a would be cheaper and less stressful.
  • Why don't you try? then tell us how is the married life between two wives.

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