• :(:(And no response for my question....????what a pity,my God:(:(:(
  • -48? Oh no. Hope u get back up quickly
  • Ugh. That's a lot :( I think it'd be a bad idea to reveal identities because that would just lead to revenge downrating. You downrated me, so I'll do the same to you, sort of thing. You just have to keep thinking about how sad somebody is, that they'd actually go to so much trouble. Anyways, have +6 from me :)
  • I think we all go through that to one degree or another..if identities were revealed there would be no trolls..that's the point..they don't want you to know who they are for fear of retaliation! The trolls will move on to someone else! They are not the bravest people, Jack.
  • I have one that fills my page with negatives once a week like clockwork. Every Tuesday night. I am a ritual to them I guess. They can do a -3 now. I wonder what I ever did to them that was so bad?
  • Report them off your profile page via feedback. Tell them you have a troll DR'ing you, and would like them to deal with it. Trust me, it will stop. They can see who is doing it, and, if it does NOT stop, PB them.
  • Who actually cares?
  • maybe its the bots.
  • Keysha nailed it - submit the problem to feedback and they can track the troll down for you and delete the negatives. Just to clarify, Jack, those points are not subtracted from your total. They DO affect the % of helpful answers figure however.
  • I was told that when someone does that repeated downrating to anyone that is easy to catch whoever is doing it and they put that person in the penalty box for doing it. The trick is to report it as soon as it happens.
  • I think they should show who downrates you, they should be big enough, to say why the disagree with your answer or comments.
  • I think they should show the down rating too! Sorry about your loss of points...I had some yesterday! here have a few points :)
  • I just looked at your feedback and saw that. First of all, I would send feedback to AB with a screenshot of that, perhaps. Maybe they can figure out who was doing that. Second, I'm often the target of cowardly trolls myself. And those who are that malicious are just that...cowards. They'll never leave a comment as to why. I don't know what kind of joy or pleasure someone gets for being so juvenile....I can't imagine they are very happy souls. In the meantime, here's some points and perhaps you can use some of this....
  • Sorry, Im just jealous... I've never had a troll...
  • trolls are merely spineless wimps who have no life.
  • We all get it at times...what I usually do is positroll when I find someone who has been DR'd..let me give you some points.
  • report it to our great CL's and to the AB staff... they WILL sort this out for you quick smart ... seems a bit of posi-trolling is in order!
  • I think people should be required to leave reasons as to downrates, but revealing the ID of the downrater would probably result in senseless retaliation. I know I would personally like to retaliate if I knew who downrated me for seemingly no reason - I didn't think my comments were offensive in any way. But say you downrated someone and AB displayed your ID, then the person you downrated followed you around AB and downrated all your Q&As even if they agreed with some of the things you were saying. That would defeat the purpose of AB.
  • I think the best situation would be for AB staff to quietly have a word so as to avoid pointless flame wars.
  • I'm Anonymous, therefore by what you regular ABers say...its me, because I fit the stereotype! ;)JK I'll give you a few points to make up for your lost. I would say AB probaly doesn't reveal who gives negatives, because: you'd dr them, and its just a game after that. It might be obvious some of the upper ended regulars are part of the problem, also. Don't kid yourself into thinking regulars aren't doing their fair share of downrating. Least thats what I'm guessing...
  • In addition to unsubscribing every time you are trolled, contact a Community Leader, a CL. Galeanda is the first one that comes to my mind.
  • Don't worry about it - freaks who down rate all the time usually get tired of it and leave the site within a week or two. So let the pricks have their fun - it's only for a short while that we have to suffer them anyway
  • Click on Feedback on this page and tell them you have a troll.
  • Use the feedback link, or contact a CL and ask for help. If all of that is one person, they should be dealt with.
  • To help with the loss, I have given you and everyone else that posted points. Enjoy!
  • Trolling is recognized bad practice in AB to do this and it is tracked by the Staff and the CLs. They have the possibility to do it. To give 48 negative points in 15 minutes cannot make sense except to penalize a user for something that you did not appreciate. This kind of downrating usually doesn't even look at the questions and answers that they downrate, so it is again the spirit of Answerbag, as perfectly valid submissions get downrated that way. 2) The reason downratings and flaggings can be done anonymously is for the fear of retaliation. This fear is perfectly justified, as many users who have left a comment by flagging or downrating have already experienced. It is because of such frequent downrating wars that Answerbag decided to make flaggings and downrating anonymous (Downraters used to have to leave a comment). The point is that the advantage of knowing the reason why you were flagged or downrated is destructed by the usual attitude of not agreeing with this. So many victims would retaliate. 3) Your possibility is to appeal to the downrating of flagging with a feedback (Use the "Feedback" link at the bottom of the page). This will not always work, though. But of course, in such a case of trolling, the Staff should normally react by sending the troll in the penalty box. I also suggest never to use this strategy against someone, whichever the harm they did you. Again, an appeal to the Staff would be the best thing to do.

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