• Yes in a distant time when sitcoms were hilarious, before reality t.v and before the one you call Bush ruled the world.
  • I'm pretty sure we are, but at the same time Japan is up there. Their currency, along with many other countries, is worth more than the U.S. dollar now.
  • When you look at GDP, the USA is the country with the highest (12.5 million US$). The EU has 13.5, but that is not a single country. When you calculate the GDP per citizen, however, the richest country is Luxembourg, with around 75.000 US$, followed by Norway and Iceland. The US comes at the 8th place. (The figures are for 2005, and only includes IMF members for which information is available. Source: Wikipedia.)
  • The u.s. has not held that position in over 15yrs, we rely to much on credit. just so its noted, the dollar is not real money, its a promissory note that is backed by real gold, there are more promissory notes than there is gold, that why we are in dept, so hang on to all the gold you own because that's the real money, and when the dollar collapses you can profit because you will have real money,
  • i don't know
  • The USA is nominally the richest country, but its currency has greatly weakened in the past decade. The USA has the most currency, which is easily mistaken for money because it is used the same way. Before 1973, the USA had real money. After that, it went off the Gold Standard and began using fiat currency. Per capita GDP used to be the best indicator of a nation's economy. If we subtract the deficit from the GDP, we would get a fairer comparison. Even comparing standards of living would be tricky. What is a necessity in one country might be a luxury in another.
  • The United States of America is and will always be the richest country in the world, but it does have a debt of 13 trillion US Dollars and will probably be for a long time.
  • I agree with Luxembourg being the richest, it happens to be one of the smallest too. In certain ways it might be Vatican City as well their value is mostly land/buildings though.
  • Not anymore nobama is robbing all of us.

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