• give my daughter niquil so she can f*ck around and not be disturbed...thats about the worse I can think of.
  • My first ex-husband smashed the windshield of my car, slashed all my clothes into shreds, and gave away my dog.
  • Never broke up with me. That was 20 years ago and he still hasn't (lol). It is really cowardly to "break-up" with someone by just never calling them again, especially when you've dated for six months.
  • The pictures I gave him when we were dating, he sold my pictures to random people.
  • i never divorced but i know someone that's husband called the police on her and them go to her house and arrest her for no reason. she has 3 kids! PLEASE RATE THIS THANK YOU
  • Lets see... I had an ex that was living out of the country for a few months. He was killed in a motorcycle accident. When I called his place, after I heard about it, I got to talk to his "girlfriend" for 45 minutes... From her, I learned he was never coming back (as promised) and that they had been together the entire time he was over there.
  • Well, my first BF was pretty abusive. I broke up with him and he moved to Fl but over the years would continue to call me to 'see how I was doing'. When I finally stopped being nice and told him I don't want him to call me any more he asked why. I told him because he did 'x' 'y' and 'z' to me. He actually had the NERVE to tell me that the GF he had after me hurt him worse then he hurt me. I just hung up. Then he actually tried to contact me through MySpace. What a maroon.
  • tried to go too far with me. that was over quickly
  • Spread really nasty lies about me. What's worse, my so-called-friends believed him!!
  • My ex boyfriend bashed my head against the floor causing a bloody nose because I was too sick to have sex with him. :( I hate him now.
  • Ignored me. It's worse than any physical torture he could muster.
  • Took my son away from me while my mother was dying of cancer. I had no one left. But before that he also picked me up threw me in the floor and kicked me in my face in front of my 18 month old son.

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