• I will do whatever it takes to get over being depressed. I might buy a new pair of shoes or go to a joke web site and replace my depression with silliness.
  • By talking to people ....friends ,family :-)
  • There's something people should realize about depression.. like with people who deal with anxiety/panic attacks, it takes a lot of treatment of different kinds. ESPECIALLY if you're seriously depressed, and not just having the blues. (Blues = sad, depressed about a situation like a break-up, family issues, work, school..etc. Either comes in winter months -generally- or is only because of situations that has happened to you. HOWEVER If you feel bad all the time about everything, and/or nothing makes you feel better - music, being with friends and family, doing things you like; if you're not interested in anything and just want to sleep all the time --- it's more serious.) You can try to just talk to someone you know and trust. (An adult) Someone who can listen to what you have to say and support you. You probably will also need more professional assistance. You need to talk to a psychologist - doing talking sessions. A councelor can help too, but depending on the severity and how well you feel you're responding to them, you may need to find a psychiatrist. (Basically, a good way to know which is which: Phychologist = therapy; psychiatrist = therapy, can prescribe meds, if needed. Usually to see a phychiatrist, from what I've noticed, you need a referral from your regular medical dr's.) It doesn't mean your crazy.. it means your human, with human emotions, situations, issues, problems.. in a world that is full of them!! It's more common than you may think, and you shouldn't be ashamed to get help to deal with it. You're human with feelings, emotions, problems, issues, etc.. living in a world that is FULL of them!
  • I think depression can be treated with a combination of counselling, and medication (anti-depressants). Joining a support group, with other people that also suffer from depression, is helpful also.
  • Don't allow your circumstances to determine what you think about. You decide what you think about. Lose yourself. Take the high road. Read the words to this song by Charles D. Meigs. It's called "OTHERS" Lord, help me live from day to day In such a self-forgetful way That even when I kneel to pray My prayer shall be for others. Others, Lord, yes others, Let this my motto be, Help me to live for others, That I may live like Thee. Help me in all the work I do To ever be sincere and true And know that all I'd do for You Must needs be done for others. Let self be crucified and slain And buried deep: and all in vain May efforts be to rise again, Unless to live for others. And when my work on earth is done, And my new work in Heaven's begun, May I forget the crown I've won, While thinking still of others.
  • rescue a puppy
  • Sometimes there's no escaping it. You just have to live with it. As far as hurting yourself, I think this is irrelevant. Substituting one pain for another is what it is and it's sad that folks practice it.
  • Figure out what is depressing you. If you can change it, do so as soon as possible. If you can't deal with it, accept it and learn to live with it. Life moves on with or without you. When you realize just how insignificant you are in the realm of the universe you will be able to deal with life. Just live it, do the best you can and take it one day at a time.
  • Hurting yourself never gets you over being depressed. It may alleviate it briefly but it usually comes back worse with guilt possibly. The best way to get out of depression is to get yourself out of thinking about yourself. Do things for other people, volunteer, help unfortunate people, help friends with their projects. Do charity work. Forget about how you feel and nurture someone else. Find happiness in giving to others. I think that all the money people spend on pills and doctors could be better spent directly for people that need help, animals that need help. Then you are helping yourself and others, all benefit. But spending time trying to heal yourself by talking about yourself and your problems and how to get better only serves to focus that attention back on yourself again. Don't talk, do!
  • When I get depressed it's normally because I'm not happy about how my life has turned out or because I've made another big mistake. I think following my heart, but giving myself wholly to the Lord is my first step. Next, I always feel if I'm giving and sharing my gift with other people that helps. One of my major gifts is singing and encouraging people. Also when I surround myself with people trying to walk the same direction as I am, that also helps. I truly believe that "iron sharpens iron". When one is going through another can help push you through that time in your life. And lastly, I would say; get down your knees and let the Lord know, because I truly believe that He can feel the void, and he can bring deliverance, and he can give you joy unspeakable joy and peace to carry on. In other cases, you may have to seek counseling...... And I would NOT encourage you to take medication quite yet. I hope I have been helpful in some kind of way, and please don't ever hurt yourself; Life is very precious, and so are you.........
  • You overcome it by not thinking about what is depressing you. Depression is a mental thing, so it is all in the mind. If you don't think about what is depressing to you, you will slowly but surely become less depressed. I would suggest go do something that you know you enjoy and choose to be happy. Exercise is a great thing too, as the endorfins give you energy, and that makes you happy or at least hyper!
  • i usually take my meds
  • Prayer is the best way for ME, and it could work for you, too...give it to GOD and He'll handle it...
  • I have had major depression for twenty years, the majority of it has been livable. However, there are frequent times when all one thinks about is ending it all here. For me, as serious as my feelings to commit suicide are, I have sworn a pact with myself that if I ever find myself actually doing it - that I will call the doctor. SO far - I have not submitted. It is complicated for me by guilt of thinking such a thing in the first place. It is not as simple as "thinking of someone else" and doing something charitable - especially if life has been cruel to you, and no cahritable offerings have been invested in you. However, I also think that by enduring the sickness, that one has a unique perspective on life that many do not see or are even aware of and that time, is as the cliche goes, a great healer. Since time is distance, it seems logical to me that as we travel further away from the source of the pain, the less sensitive we are to those raw feelings of loss. If you came to where you are in your depressive phase by looking inwardly for an answer, it may be a helpful tool to imagine a spiral and questioning oneself causes travel inwards to the centre of the spiral. At which point it represents a decision to make - even if you have not found your personal answer yet. (What is the point of life for example) This represents introspection. If you search for an answer "extrovertly" reversing the search in an ever expanding spiral, there are more opportunities for discovery and a "continuam" that need not necessarily bring you to the same conclusion. Often creative activity is theraputic, or enough of a distraction to get one through another day. I would be willing to discuss further if required, otherwise, presumably you got through that last phase and are not already dead. Well done, Keep hanging in there - No pun intended.

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