• I personally think a deep purple would look very hot with hot pink shoes. I hope you think it looks good too!
  • Navy blue with white polka dots.
  • Girl, you need to watch you some Sex and the City! They can pull off almost any shoe with any outfit. That show could give you a few hints.
  • I'd either go for a matching hot pink dress and do the "pretty in Pink" look, or go for a black dress and have a hot pink handbag to tie the outfit together. Deep blue and purple would also work, perhaps again with a pink handbag, neckerchief or sash. If you can find a black dress with a hot pink print (such as polka dots) that would also look good. Most colours can be made to work with any colour shoe provided you repeat the colour elsewhere in your outfit (With pink I would steer clear of red, green or grey though)
  • How about a hot pink strappy dress?
  • definitely black, with black accesories i think. then the hot pink shoes with stand out heaps. but not a long black dress... i think it would have to be knee length. and you should watch some sex and the city too... good call a v.
  • i think you could wear either a completley hot pink dress or a white dress with a hot pink ribbon attached to it and a silver crystal part on the ribbon i believe the dress is called sherri hill 1002 this is a fabulous dress and it is gawjus for many occasions and accesories can be either silver/Diamond or hot pink.
  • A Black dress with Spaghetti Straps. A Gold Necklace and earrings, a Gold Dinner Ring if you have one. Dainty black or pink clutch purse. +5
  • Probably the same color or black.

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