• The front defroster enables optimal visibility for the driver in the key frontal areas where he/she most likely is to look forward and the rear defrosters are usually in a horizontal grid shape more widely distributed to deliver maximum efficiency over the widest possible area hence in a utilitarian sense, it does the most good. At times the frontal defrost network includes fans and other warm air blowing devices used at strategic key points, yet again reinforcing the Utilitarian concept where the greater good is served. If there are horizontal heat delivering lines as seen in the rear, there would be placed at far less noticeable areas whereas the front people would have a very much difficult time recognizing this if they were looking for it if such an event was about to occur.
  • One's in the front, the other is in the back.
  • The front defroster uses air warmed by the engine coolent to clear the winshield. The rear defroster uses a heating element grid to warm the rear glass using electricity. There have been some vehicles with electrictly heated windshields but the cost of these systems has prevented them from being used in a large scale.
  • One is on the front window. The other is on the rear window.

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