• There are no proven methods to remove a henna tattoo, but there are a few things you can try as described in this video:
  • lotion(it works with makeup too)or if that doesn't work shampoo's good;)
  • If you don't want to spend money on lotion or shampoo, it'll just come off in time, asuming that you bath on a regular basis.
  • i do henna tattoos on people, im afraid you just gotta wait for it to fade away, and wash the area where the tattoo is a lot, shouldnt take too long to come off, how comes you want it to come off though? i can understand if you dont like the orangey colour cos thats why i dont use it on myself, though u can get black henna but people have claimed to get cancer from it of some sort [apparntly, i was told this by a mate]...sorry going off the subject a bit there...:)
  • eukalyptus oil!
  • Just keep washing. You can use one of those exfoliating scrubber-thingies, but don't scrub too hard. You want to remove the henna, not your skin. Good luck!
  • Time, toothpaste and gentle toothbrush, lemon juice and salt, time. If you just removed the paste and hate it, rub something with vitamin E (pure vit E from capsules works best) on it to keep it from getting darker.
  • LOL, you can't really. I'm a henna artist, and I know from experience you'll just have to wait for the dyed skin cells to slough off. If you want to speed up the process, just wash the area more often. Lotions and oils will not help- they just hold the dyed skin cells in place, and your henna will just stay on longer. I actually use lotion to extend the life of a henna design. If you didn't keep the paste on for too long, you can expect the henna to fade away quicker.
  • No need. It will fade after a few weeks.

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