• I feel that mine will never be perfect enough for me. I want tight abs but I dont have them. I want a bit smaller boobs..cant afford to get them. My BF is happy with my body so I guess I should be as well.
  • If you are referring to what i find attractive or what I would like to look like I tell you both. I would like to be six feet tall about 195 pounds with less than 10% body fat and symmetrically proportioned. As for the perfect woman, honestly I would not care looks wise as long as she was honest, loyal and made her needs and mine together as one. Call me idealistic.....
  • You could fit ALOT of beer in this belly!
  • You mean perfect as in MY body? Lol..that ain't happenin'...but since I have a "young" body (for my age, that is), I guess I should consider myself fortunate and be thankful. I have never had to diet. I wear a size 8 jeans, and I am not sagging anywhere...yet. What do I consider a perfect body? One that has a good personality attached to it. That is a prerfect body. :-)
  • on a girl? i think short thin (not sickly thin) are really hot, but i am aware that girls can't choose there hight:)
  • She has the perfect body.
  • Toned with not too big of muscles.
  • 4'11' to 5'2' small hands and feet ...symetrical body 36-22-40
  • one that functions good

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