• I haven't heard of a specific herbal drug that you can take, but you could check at your local health food store. I know that Aspirin can help to thin the blood, therefore minimising the risk of blood clots developing. Support stockings, such as those available for long haul flights, can also help to minimise the risk of blood clots forming. These are more of a preventative measure than actual treatment for blood clots though. Most doctors also recommend that people who suffer from blood clots don't take the contraceptive pill, as the pill can heighten the risk of developing a clot. It's important to remember that you should never try to treat blood clots without a doctors help and advice, as blood clots are a potentially life threatening condition.
  • booze!
    • C3Po
  • aspirin
    • C3Po
      absolutely not! asprin will only make it worse. it will do nothing to help. only increase the cell count and make the clot or possible areas threatened by clots worse.
    • C3Po
      they say it loosens your cells clumping affect but if you already have a clot this will not help! if you dont already have a clot this will not help.
    • C3Po
      asprin is one of the worst pain meds you can take, its a sham as is most medical treatments.
    • Army Veteran
      Blood clots form because the blood thickens and then clumps. Clots are pieces of clumps that have broken off and circulate through the cardiovascular system. Aspirin is the common treatment for thinning the blood.
  • If your home is full of leeches.
    • C3Po
      these work to thin your blood, or make your body produce more blood which helps circulate. i do not recommend leeches as a treatment for blood clotting. leeches could work way before a clot begins, but if a clot forms you need proper medical attention.
  • some type of anticoagulant as a home remedy... no, if you have a blood clot, chances are you could have more, so you'll need to have the proper imaging done to assess how bad it is. there is no herbal remedy that is as guaranteed as a medical imaging scan, and the proper anticoagulants doctors will give you. I hate when people try to be their own doctor.
  • Blood clots form because the blood has thickened - they're minute particles of thickened blood that have broken off and entered the cardiovascular system. Blood is 94% water and thus, the reason for thickened blood is that it has lost some of its water content. Water is a natural blood thinner and therefore, to eliminate blood clots, it's advisable to drink more water and fewer water substitutes.
  • Turmeric, Ginger, Cayenne peppers, Vitamin E, Garlic, Cassia cinnamon, Ginkgo biloba, Grape seed extract, Dong quai, Feverfew, Bromelain.

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