• I am tenderhearted, towards the old, towards the feeble, toward children, and towards orphans.
  • No. What appears to be tenderness is actually a weak will to give in to pressure and make everyone happy despite my own position in whatever matters. Anything that was genuine is like a nice tender piece of meat, it went completely rotten and sour and disgusting after being abandoned. :)
  • Me and my family are all tender hearted. We seem to have a need to try and save every person and animal we possibly can, from whatever misery we feel they suffer from.
  • Uuuuh...I'm probably going to say I'm not very tenderhearted. But that's not up to me to decide. ;P
  • I have been all my life. I can't stand to see anyone hurt, or if they cry, so do I. And I have never ever been one to hurt anyones feelings. Even if they have hurt me.
  • I am pretty tenderhearted. I cannot be a snitch or be vengeful, though many times I have wished I could morally do so.
  • I would say that I am. We went away for the weekend and we didn't know what to do with my two cats(one is an indoor and one is an outdoor). We kept the one cat outdoor with plenty of food (if the other cats and animals didn't eat it on him) and the other on indoors. I was so worried about them that my friend went back home(a two hour drive) to check on them for me. If we ever go away for the week, I don't know what I would do.
  • Yep!! I'm a softy. I'm a kind, open minded, and thoughtful person. I have been known to go out of my way to help people and have been accused of building a castle in the sky even tho I'm not a Christian.
  • I have always been tenderhearted. As a child that didnt go over well and I learned to hide it behind a mask of strenght. (anger in my younger days) I have always had to defend the underdog. I also had to stand up to bullies, even if they werent bullying me. And pets, man I would have ever stray in town if my husband didnt throw such fits about all the animals. The one place I am really bad at is old people. I cant work around them because it depresses me and makes me cry when I see them all old and alone after their spouses die.
  • I care most about special needs kids and letting them know that they are loved,wanted and can contribute in their own way. Caring for the elderly and to let them know they are loved,safe ,giving them the dignity they deserve, making sure they know they are not a burden ( which is number one on what they worry about) and make what time they have left happy ones.
  • I've always had a soft spot for the underdog - whether it's an animal, a child, someone elderly, or someone I went to school with that was ignored or picked on or in today's world at work, I have a tendency to try and befriend anyone that isn't being included. +5
  • Yes I am. I feel very easily for others and it usually moves me to do something for them, people or animal, even land and trees. I care deeply about things. I am not lukewarm in my passions.
  • I have been described by others as "sensitive". I don't know whether I'm overly (or overtly) tenderhearted. Then again, maybe I am... I DO find I feel it necessary at times to answer some of those relationship questions... It does bother me when I see people in pain (examples: COPS or other shows that show women or children being or having been beaten, when I see Animal Cops (Animal Planet) or other shows showing animal abuse, when I see pets, or MOST other animals as "road-kill"). In the abuse cases, I don't usually feel so much for the abused (though I do feel for them). I want to beat the abuser (say a baseball bat to knees and elbows). In the "roadkill" cases, I wonder if the pet had kids who loved them, and remember how I felt when I had to bury my pets. I'm "sensitive" in that I am at least somewhat empathatic. I womehow understand peoples' hurt and pain. I DO believe in the "get over it" motto, but I also understand where they come from, and that it takes time to do so. I know that everyone wants a "quick fix" and it just ain't gonna happen... There are very few cases where there IS one. Experience has shown me that while it takes time, if it happens again, it will take less time. When I wrote (and still occasionally write) songs, I tell a story. It probably isn't and won't be completely autobiographical, but the way I believe the feelings are caused in others. I HAVE been told by many that have heard them that this is one of the things they liked about the songs I write... THEY understood, and FELT them. So tenderhearted? That's really for others to decide. Do I FEEL for others? I think, not as strongly empathatically as some, but probably more sympathatically than many.
  • I don't even know why I am answering this. But yes. When people bring meaning to my life, I love them forever. I can't explain what it means to be tenderhearted, nor can I convey such a thing in writing alone. Yet, I hope that as a writer, I can become great at what I do by learning how to express it better in words.
  • yes, in most ways ... and it sucks! although, i can be less tenderhearted though when it comes to dealing with homeless people (as i see several on a daily basis). i can also usually manage to put my sensitive nature on hold with regards to sex with someone who isn't my significant other.
  • I am usually a nice guy, but I am turning less tenderhearted and more and more bitter and negative as the days go by.
  • Hello Jodie!! Yes I can be very tenderhearted but not with just anyone. If it is someone I have no vested interest in then of course I could care less what they say or think of me. The other day someone made a comment about my grandson and it really hurt my feelings so yeah where the kids are concerned I get pretty tender and then of course anything that has to do with Steve always steps on my feelings. :(
  • im just a big softie, I alwyas feel for the under dog, and try to help out people and creatures as much as possible :)
  • Yes I am just a caring person who wants to help everyone and I am sincere!
  • too much so...cant just leave someone alone who needs abit of cheerin up
  • Toward animals and Nature, always.
  • i am a selfish bitch. no just kidding :)
  • I am. I can never seem to say no to someone who needs my help.

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