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  • When I first started shaving years ago it was kind of a turn on for me. But after a few time it did nothing for me except I love the look. Now I wax and it does not do anything for me either. By the way I am female.
  • my bf did mine for years.I felt strange at first and i would only change at swimming pool in a private changing room,then i noticed 90 percent of the younger women there were complety bald,some had small landing strips .I now change out side with them and i love it.I have recently had all my pubic hair removed by lazer at my bf request and regret not having it done years ago.I think all young people should try it.Its very easy to keep clean also looks and feel wonderfull.Quite a few of my gf have had thier pubic hair professionally removed since they have seen mine.We are all in our lower twenties and some in thirties

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