• I have a 2000 Super Duty Power Stroke. I've replaced the cam censer with the updated one. But it still shuts off during rainy or after it's rained. Here are my problems. 1:sometimes I have no pedal once I restart it, motor die's when I slow down, sometimes it misses while I'm driving. Here are things I plan on looking at removing the performence program I use and leave at stock settings. Remove all cables from the batteries and clear the ecm. If it happens after that then I can get an acurate reading from a dia. test. I do think the cam censer wires are getting wet and grounding out, other then that it may be the censer on the pedal. Last make sure all battery cables ar clean and tight, also remove the ground cables from the block and clean off any rust build up.
  • Try to clean the mass airflow sensor. Typically when it rains the air is cooler so it is more dense and if the sensor is not sensing correctly the car will not give the correct mixture and will die. Do you also experience something similar when slowing down from highway speeds?

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