• I think we got one for Christmas one year. I only remember playing it 3-4 times before enough pieces broke it wasn't worth playing any more.
  • I never owned one, that's more a "guy" thing..but my cousin Bobby had one so I did play some games with him. He was far more into it, of course, than I was..but we used to bargain..I'd play chess with him if he'd play checkers with me..I'd play this electronic football game with him if he'd play some board game I fancied at the time with me! :)
  • I never had one but a number of my friends did. I would "play" with them but was laughing the whole time. I like the kicker that was a spring loaded thing that "kicked" a little cotton cylender.
  • yea i had won but it seemed kinda random to me not sure what skills it would take to becomje "good at it"
  • yes i had one loved it beat it ! it got mad at me thought it had a mind of its on the touchdown music was neat.
  • Oh, yeah. Good thing there was no little, plastic referee in it, or he'd be calling offsides or false start almost every play.
  • I was like you and laughed at was fun for an hour or so. :)

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