• The United States isn't at war with Iraq. They and certain other crony countries decided to invade it against the will of the United Nations, while at the same time quoting United Nations decisions in an attempt to justify what is really an illegal action.
  • We need to do away with the United Nations
  • You'll have to ask GW Bush that one.
  • simple for OIL
  • Following orders from the big oil & energy cartels. My 2 cents.
  • To help establish a democracy in their government.
  • Oil. To control it and make sure the price of oil rose. And to show the American people that they were doing something about "terror" despite the fact there was virtually no terrorist presence in Iraq before the invasion.
    • mushroom
      Saddam bragged about trading oil outside of the almighty USD$, meaning the dollar would potentially lose value worldwide if it wasn't being used for such large purchases, therefore oil would cost more in the US.
  • To remove a fairly easily removeable possible future threat of Iraqi nukes.
  • There was a whole host of reason, violated the cease fire agreement, assumed posessions of WMD, links to terrorist. Although the last two reasons was due to faulty intel but the main and most legitimate reason would be for the violation of the 1991 cease fire agreement.
  • to kick some ass and use the weapons we spend billions of dollars on
  • OÄ°L, OÄ°L, OÄ°L, OÄ°L, OÄ°L, OÄ°L.........
  • So is your name exactly twenty letters and not your questions cause that is really confusing. I think if you are gonna devote yourself to that screen name then you should hold your questions down to twenty letters as well. I feel I could answer this to a degree that would cause drool to gather and fall unnoticed onto your keyboard because you are so engrossed in the original thought but I am not sure if I can trust you now. No, something is not right here at all. I am thinking conspiracy. ExactlyTwentyLetters or should I say..... Hillary Diane R Clinton

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