• Chi gung is very good for circulation, and it is very easy on the joints. It's a form of Chinese calisthenics.
  • Any exercise is better than none for circulation. In fact any physical activity is good, even just walking. Our sedentary jobs and lives have been more harmful to our health than most of us realise.
  • Ginkgo biloba is the most obvious answer to poor circulation. It has been shown in research to benefit microcirculation. It works in a number of way..... * It relaxes spasm in the small arteries and capillaries, making it easier for blood to flow right into the deepest corners. * It stabilises those same small arteries and capillaries, reducing the way the walls are attacked by free radicals and thus preventing the walls being broken down. * It reduces the stickiness of the platelets in the blood, making the blood less thick and turgid. * The overall effect is that it is easier for the blood to flow around the body effectively. The most recent research has shown that using Ginkgo improves blood flow in the capillaries, opens unused capillaries, and increases the delivery of red and white blood cells around the body.
  • I know a way to increase circulation better than any drug on this planet. Its a little thing called exercise. And its FREE!
  • Exercise in general, an occasional glass of wine, and a low fat diet will all help.
  • Any exercise is good, really. As far as herbs, spicy ones (such as cayenne) are helpful.
  • jogging/walking.... and bran cereal...
  • Garlic yo...
  • Tai Chi done in the morning is an excellent way to help your circulation. As far as herbs, myrrh is excellent for stimulating circulation, detoxifying and healing. The Chinese have an herb called tang kuei that is a good blood-builder and increases blood production and circulation if you are pale and are cold often. Green tea or ginger tea are also good for circulation as well as any herbs/formulas that are anti-cholesterol like Mao Dung Ching or Dan Shen Wan. Yunnan Paiyao is also a terrific wonder miracle formula.
  • Horse Chestnut. It is a herb that comes in tablet form at health food stores, but consult a doctor before to make sure you can take it. I used it for better circulation when I was pregnant because of varicose veins. It worked for me.
  • eat lots of tomatoes they are good for the Heart and blood vessels
  • Some herbs to improve circulation are cayenne, ginger, garlic, and ginko. Some can be rubbed on the skin (such as a cayenne ointment), others are good taken orally. In general, the more pure the herb, the better the effect. So, fresh ginger will be more effective than powdered, and so on. Blessings
  • Ginkgo Biloba is a very helpful herbal supplement. Before taking ANY supplements, check with your Doctor.
  • Swimming is great, so is epsen salts in the bath, or menthol...
  • Exercise is the best. Any exercise. Just do it (tm).
  • ... here are some herbal recipes for you ... ... as for exercises, Chi Kung, Nei Kung, Chi Nei Tsang, and Karsai Nei Tsang are branches of Tai Chi that are for blood, bones, and air/breathing ... and will help with blood flow & circulation problems ...

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