• You have the wrong idea. We come to pretend we're stupid, not smart. What are you on? Infidels?
  • I don't have to pretend, I really am smart. Here I can do something about it. This is my real self. HI.
  • If I'm pretending to be smart, I'm not doing such a good job ;) My profile's absolutely real. I'm exactly the same here, as I am anywhere else.
  • i can pretend all i want, but you'll all still know im pretty stupid ;)
  • Oh, The Pretenders, yeah good band.
  • I'm a reasonably intelligent person. However, I'm not a great speaker unless I have something prepared, so being able to type out my thoughts before anyone "hears" them probably makes me seem more intelligent than you would think in real life.
  • LOL, I'm not smart, I just tell it like it is :-) some people like it, some don't.
  • I are smeart and intelliggant two... who's pertanding... I hhhaf no porphill so know i'ts not real
  • AB is a place where anyone can actually be, or pretend to be what ever they want ... there are a number of comment threads and Q&As in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" where a bunch of us pretend about our pirate fantasies ... yet I do not mask my real self ... My profile is real and accurate, click and look ... that is the real me.
  • I am not smart nor have i ever claimed to be. I am pretty open on here. more open then i would be in person. and yea i think everything i have written on my profile is true.
  • deleted
  • I stand connected. All wer so righteous. But bunny ears gets first place, she/he was most oerrigonaael.
  • I am me on here, even if I have a pretend name and ID. I come here to have fun and learn things from members. I also come here to try to help people who might need what I have to offer.
  • It are uh lot ezier 2 play dub ifn ur smart than it is to play smart when your dumb! ;-)
  • I get along ok in the intelligence department. I don't mask my real self. My profile is real. Both on AB, and in real life, I'm very much a "what you see is what you get" person.
  • Pretend to be smart , oh No , I have shown all the sides of me and use my real name and picture on my Avatar -- Hide No Way , I love the comfort and honest answers , and support I receive on AB , I hide from no one , now that I've joined AB over a year ago
  • Wouldn't pretending to be smart be a stupid thing to do? It wouldn't take people long to realize you weren't too bright.
  • I am smart. No. Yes.
  • Pretend to be Mask my real my profile............yes
  • To answer.. No I do not need to pretend, or impress, anyone. No, I do not mask my real self. I am not the only one to choose an avatar that is not myself. My myspace page, however, was fairly obvious and had/has many pictures of myself and others for those who simply have to know. What I look like should not matter on a site like this. It is a question and answer site, to me. Nothing more.
  • No. I don't pretend to be smart on AB; I like to do research and AB leads me to subjects I wouldn't have considered on my own. I'm actually more open about who I am on AB than I am a lot of times in real life. Here, I don't feel the need to be closeted about the fact that I'm a lesbian and an atheist. My profile is sparse, but the information it does contain is true.
  • It's not a place where I can come and pretend to be intelligent, but rather a place where my intelligence, or my lack thereof, may be somewhat confirmed. There are so many people on here that there's always bound to be someone who knows what you're talking about, and although an online community is a far stretch from really measuring how much you know or how wise you are, it does have the certain communicative element which can make some things clearer through responses, agreements or disagreements. Like if we're talking about politics and I always thought one thing, I may be corrected otherwise by several other people. Reaction to one's answers can be a key too, but that's up to everyone how they take it. If I say something about emotions and I get bashed for it, I could attribute it to some psychological denial concept, and therefore have my point proven. It always helps to see what other people think, because living alone with one's own convictions, no matter fueled by research or experience, creates biasism. Other then talking a lot more on here or other online places then I do in real life though, not much point in pretending to be someone or something else, when people really have no choice but to take your word for it. Acceptance by default, I wouldn't think exactly establishes whatever life or aspects one might create for themselves and genuinely make them feel real. And my profile has nothing in it. I could make something up or phrase something in an intriguing way, but I've accepted long ago that I'm first and foremost boring, and that spontaneous meeting and knowing of people is a lot more fun. I NEVER introduce myself in real life either, ever.
  • I am smart, I mask nothing, and my profile is real
  • I don't pretend to be anything that I'm not. What you see is what you get. Lying and pretending to be something you're not will get found out in the long run. And then you'll just end up alienating everyone. Why do people even do that? I have no time for liars and fakes.

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